ManyVids Issues Statement on FOSTA/SESTA

ManyVids Issues Statement on FOSTA/SESTA

LOS ANGELES — Joining the industry’s chorus of opposition against the U.S.’ recently enacted anti-sex worker legislation, ManyVids’ Chief Operating Officer Sed Dehan has issued a statement on FOSTA/SESTA.

“Regarding the new FOSTA/SESTA bill, we are absolutely against human trafficking and any sexual activities involving minors. Those are crimes and individuals committing those acts should be judged as dangerous criminals. However, the bill is too broad, and it targets many platforms and communication tools that adult performers rely on for both safety and creative promotion.

On ManyVids, adult content creators — MV Stars — create titillating digital images and games to entertain their fans. We are an online adult community. All the interactions (and earnings) are on-platform. As such, the repercussions of the new regulations are very minimal.

The FOSTA/SESTA bill will definitely impact the creative strategies and fan outreach of some of our content creators (for example: Dinner Date raffles or Meet-a-Fan contests), but we believe in their resilience. They will adjust and offer other creative, legal ways to stay in touch and get closer to their loyal fans.”

The full statement can be read here.