Plans Prop Sale Before Leaving Armory Plans Prop Sale Before Leaving Armory

SAN FRANCISCO — In a decade it shot adult content and hosted events at the Armory, owner Peter Acworth and his employees packed the hulking 200,000-square-foot structure to the gills with an eclectic mix of antique furniture, artwork and assorted equipment that were used as props.

Now, after the property changed hands after a $65 million sale, is planning an estate sale to get rid of the numerous items it kept in the cavernous building, which was constructed in 1914 as an armory and arsenal for the U.S. National Guard.

“It's not your grandmother's estate sale," spokesperson Mike Stabile told SFGate. "Those with more discerning tastes will definitely find a little leather mixed in with the lace."

Like the tastes of its extraordinary adult content, the lineup of items once housed at the Armory and now for sale are out of the ordinary.

The company that is liquidating the assets, The Yes Co., will be bringing items down to the first floor of the Armory, with the main sale being held on the huge marching drill court.

According to a list on The Yes Co.'s website, prospective buyers can grab American and European antique furniture; visual artwork, framed and unframed; a steel birdcage; a human steel wheel; a Brunswick red felt slate pool table; a grand piano; dental and gynecological chairs; old globes; silk and brocade drapes; and an eight-foot grandfather clock, among scores of other interesting items.

"In our decade in the Armory, we spent almost as much time decorating it as we did shooting in it," Stabile said. "Anyone who came here on a tour, or for a party, or a business meeting will remember the high Victorian décor, the vintage furniture, the walls of art, and the tremendous history.

“There are some truly amazing pieces, and we're excited for them to have new homes."

The estate sale is planned to begin Friday and end Monday Tuesday, April 6-9, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at 333 14th St., San Francisco.

Pictured: Props for sale (with inset photo of the Armory) via The Yes Co. website