CCBill, AVSecure Team Up for Age-Verification Services

CCBill, AVSecure Team Up for Age-Verification Services

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today that age-verification solution AVSecure has joined the CCBill Integration Partners marketplace

The new partnership offers CCBill merchants with a worldwide solution to comply with the upcoming U.K. Digital Economy Act.

AVSecure adds an important component to CCBill’s goal of providing trusted resources for their online commerce ecosystem, according to Gary Jackson, CCBill’s vice president of sales and marketing.

Under the U.K. Digital Economy Act, all websites with adult content accessible from within the U.K. must have a responsibility to block access from minors.  The enforcement requires more than a passive checkbox confirming a user’s age. 

It is expected that acceptable age-verification methods will include credit/debit card, voting data, mobile with SMS, and government-issued identification, such as a passport or driver’s license, or in person verification using an age-verification card. AVSecure handles such verification processes.

“The partnership with AVSecure is important to the future of online content and provides a solid direction for merchants offering access to U.K. consumers from any region,” Jackson said. “Having worked with Steve and the team behind AVSecure for a number of years, we are not surprised by the level of investment and impressive expertise that this innovative company is able to deliver with this new service. 

“CCBill is excited by the opportunities that the addition of AVSecure brings to our industry, and anticipate an interesting evolution, as we both work to provide a seamless and painless process for online access. 

AVSecure already has unprecedented demand and a long term and global strategy for its ingenious blockchain solution. As a free service to both merchants and consumers, coupled with its inability to track a user journey or require any personal data such as an email address, AVSecure delivers high standards of privacy and trust for all.

“We are delighted to be partnering with CCBill. Their vast experience in payment processing will enable us to focus on the paying customers and establish clever and simple ways in which they can become age verified using AVSecure, at the same time as making life easier for the merchants,” said Steve Winyard, co-founder and CMO of AVSecure.

“Age verification on this scale has never been done before and whilst we acknowledge the 20-30 million nonpaying customers that are likely to use our service, it is paramount that we respect the audience that are paying and deliver the industry a robust and professional solution for all their customers”