Paul Stag Tries 'Destroying Logan Moore' in Treasure Island Media Title

SAN FRANCISCO — Treasure Island Media’s latest release, “Destroying Logan Moore,” is now available on DVD and download.

Paul Stag leads a team of performers including AJ Adams, AJ Alexander, Arwyn Sayer, Ben Cooper, Dave London, Demi Brutal, Dmitry Osten, Dominique Kenique, Felix Strike, Hans Berlin, Issac Jones, Jay Red, Jonas Jackson, Justin King, Korar Darver, Logan Moore, Marso Amor, Ronnie English, Sebastian Evans and Sergio Moreno.

Stag said, “Of course, we’re especially proud of the crazy final scene in which Logan Moore offers up his perfect, hungry ass. He told us he could take anything Tim had to offer, no problemo! But by god, we surprised him by getting together a group of studs with a total length of four fuckin’ meters (yeah, that’s four yards!) of raw, veiny, cum-drippin’ cockmeat.”

“Destroying Logan Moore” is available from Treasure Island Media’s website.