CrakRevenue Offers 'March Madness' Promo for Affiliates

CrakRevenue Offers 'March Madness' Promo for Affiliates

QUEBEC CITY — CrakRevenue has announced the launch of its “March Madness” affiliate promotion, with eight offers designed to drive sales during one of the year’s most-lucrative months.

According to the company, this nonstandard selection of offerings relies on several prestigious brands, most of which are exclusive to its network, including MyFreeCams, Narcos XXX, The Porn Survey, Dating Smartlink, FILF, SlutRoulette, SnapSext and Triviass.

“Historically speaking, March has always been our most profitable month,” CrakRevenue COO Axel Vezina reveals. “We attribute this success largely to the incredible quality of our offers. Which is why this year, we wanted to give a spotlight for some of them.”

“Our all-star, high performing offers already contribute to the success of hundreds of affiliates all around the world,” Vezina adds. “By choosing us, you’re betting on a winning team that will make sure you get the best possible score.”

Among the promo’s highlights, are up to $0.89 EPC for MyFreeCams, CrakRevenue’s all-time top converting offer; 7.5 percent CTR and an EPC up to $0.36 for Narcos, the company’s best funnel; The Porn Survey, that delivers a 75 percent CTR and up to $0.63 EPC when branded; $0.07 EPC on worldwide traffic using the Dating Smartlink; an EPC of up to $1.6 with email marketing on FILF.

SlutRoulette offers conversion rates of six percent and an EPC up to $0.58; while SnapSext offers an EPC starting at $0.55 and an up to 20 percent conversion rate; with Triviass offering a new type of survey delivering a 30 percent completion rate.

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