Stripchat Launches Stripcash Affiliate Program

Stripchat Launches Stripcash Affiliate Program

LOS ANGELES — Stripchat has announced the launch of Stripcash, its new performance-based affiliate marketing program.

 “We are excited to take the next step in our company’s growth with the Stripcash affiliate program,” said Adam K, Stripchat's head of traffic. “Our affiliates can earn revenue by simply promoting the Stripchat brand on their site.”

According to Adam, the introduction of Stripcash gives Stripchat the opportunity to widen its customer base while accommodating affiliate partners with value-added digital marketing tools, including custom banner ads, text links, special offers and an excellent support team.

“Stripcash offers strong earning potential for participating affiliates, the perfect opportunity for user acquisition specialists to convert new users — from any country and from any mobile or desktop device — and get paid, and customers receive the highest payouts and transparent income statistics, with on-time payments, every time,” Adam explains.

“Our product is relatively new on the market. We have a new cam database of users, with the highest CPL and REVS pricing model in the industry. We offer a lifetime revenue share, as well as new cryptocurrency and traditional payout methods.”

Adam says affiliates will benefit from regularly updated content to drive traffic and deliver solid results.

“As proud members of the xHamster family with 10 years of experience and know-how of managing one billion monthly average users,” Adam concludes, “you can trust us with your cam traffic.”

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