Stormy Daniels Talks Scandal on Holly Randall Podcast

Stormy Daniels Talks Scandal on Holly Randall Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Erotic photographer Holly Randall sat down with Stormy Daniels for an exclusive interview for "Holly Randall Unfiltered."

Daniels, who is hot off a "Jimmy Kimmel Live" appearance, talked to Randall about the presidential scandal that rocked the U.S. and beyond.

"I'm honored that Stormy made the time to come on my podcast,” Randall said. “She had some revelations about things written about her in the press and I was happy that she was able to use my show to set the record straight. Despite the intense pressure she's been under recently, she was gracious and funny. I think many people will see a totally different side to Stormy in this interview than they expected." 

The two "covered a lot of ground in their no-holds-barred chat,” a rep said. “From false stories in the press to ageism in the mainstream media to her new contract with Digital Playground, Stormy addresses the craziest rumors in the news — including one wild article saying she’s bankrupt and does her laundry at a strip club.”

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