CCBill Joins Magento Commerce as Technology Partner

CCBill Joins Magento Commerce as Technology Partner

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today that it has joined Magento Commerce as an official technology partner.

According to CCBill, the new partnership further supports the online payment needs of Magento’s worldwide, ecosystem of merchants, developers and integrators by featuring CCBill’s payment and security extension in the Magento Marketplace.

With retail subscriptions now providing online merchants with a dedicated channel to drive reoccurring revenue from their loyal base of customers, CCBill provides Magento stores with an optimized check out and payment experience for nearly any combination of online retail models, on one complete platform, the online payment company said.

In addition, Magento merchants can access hundreds of powerful tools for subscription management, business automation and expansion, just by plugging the CCBill extension into their online store.

With CCBill, they will find a “Payments-as-a-Service” platform that is built to take care of online buyers by offering 24x7x365 support and innovative omni-channel solutions like FlexForms, a dynamic checkout system, which features CCBill Pay, a simple ’log in and pay’ consumer stored payment service.

“Our merchants are always looking for new ways to boost their online selling, while reducing their costs. The addition of CCBill to our Marketplace adds a unique, automated payment solution Magento merchants can use for a variety of new business models, including regularly scheduled subscription orders,” said Ryan Murden, head of business development for Magento Commerce.

“As a general technology partner, CCBill provides a flexible and customizable checkout solution for one-time and subscription payment processing, along with the convenience of CCBill Pay for global mobile buyers.”

The Magento Marketplace is a key differentiator for Magento, and it offers merchants a curated selection of plug and play extensions. As the world’s largest commerce application marketplace, it is a place where merchants, systems integrators, and developers from all over the world can find solutions to meet the precise needs of their business in today’s rapidly evolving digital commerce landscape.

CCBill said that businesses currently using Magento can also easily integrate the payment extension into their checkout process. By plugging CCBill into their Magento store, not only do merchants have access to a menu of new payment options, but they also gain an extensive platform of secure and customizable solutions to help drive strong conversion rates and buyer satisfaction.

“We are excited about what CCBill brings to the Magento Community and Marketplace. The inclusion of CCBill introduces a matchless solution for the current online sales surge, with the right balance of payment types for most any market,” said Chris Pike, channel manager for CCBill.

“Pairing the newest technology for the exploding trend in subscription and mobile retail with the automation to pair single and repeat purchases from one storefront provides Magento merchants the opportunity to quickly expand their portfolios with new offers.”