ClickDirectPay Enables Merchants to Accept Multiple Cryptocurrencies

ClickDirectPay Enables Merchants to Accept Multiple Cryptocurrencies

MIAMI — GH Capital’s online payment service subsidiary, ClickDirectPay, has announced the launch of Express Coin Payments, enabling merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies into a secure wallet.

According to the company, much of 2017 revolved around ICOs, with cryptocurrencies fighting to find a place in the real world while existing mostly in the cyber realm, but by enabling businesses to accept alternative payment options, true value and utility for the coins are created.

“We know cryptocurrencies are here to stay,” stated Head of CDP Europe Bane Katic. “This landscape is growing and changing every day and our goal is to create utility and real life uses for these coins. As this space matures, we want to make sure we are also adapting to provide quicker, cheaper, and accessible options for both our merchants and customers.”

Express Coin Payment allows merchants to accept up to four leading cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin and Ethereum, as a form of payment. To create a low-friction on boarding experience, ClickDirectPay has created an easy to integrate solution to get merchants up and running quickly.

Katic said the appeal for merchants in accepting cryptocurrencies over other means of payment such as cash and credit cards include no banks, central entity, clearing houses or middlemen involved when validating a transaction, making the speed of transaction quick and low cost; cryptocurrencies are truly borderless and international; due to the nature where cryptocurrencies are not owned by any particular government or organization, the process to accept cryptocurrencies are much quicker with less hurdles to jump through; and there are no chargebacks since every transaction is recorded on the blockchain and immutable making accepting payments much like cash.

“The growing niche market of accepting alternative payments means the next generation of online payment behavior has already started, especially in the high-risk payment processing industry,” Katic explained. “With products and services being delivered to customers globally, payment methods have always been an obstacle in the process.”

Katic noted cryptocurrencies allow anyone, anywhere to pay, creating new opportunities in markets which otherwise may have been restricted.

“ClickDirectPay shall become a one shop solution for online merchants worldwide to accept cryptocurrencies in real time, hassle free,” Katic concluded. “As more businesses operate online and service multiple countries around the world, the idea of integrating with multiple solutions and frameworks can be daunting. The goal of CDP has always been to create a seamless, easy and quick on-boarding of payment solutions for global online merchants no matter where they are located in the world, or what currencies they deal with. Cryptocurrencies will accelerate this process.”

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