Autoblow Offers Adam Rippon Sponsorship Deal

Autoblow Offers Adam Rippon Sponsorship Deal

CHICAGO — VIECI, parent company of Autoblow automated oral sex simulator, has announced its sponsorship overture to Olympic Bronze medalist Adam Rippon.

According to the company, the crowdfunded Autoblow 2 doesn’t have a spokesman, but after selling 200,000 units (enough for six full Pyeongchang Olympic stadiums full of men), it has a lot of money.

Now, VIECI owner Brian Sloan is seeking to change the company’s public profile after reading that Rippon was not only looking for sponsors, but stated to CNBC that he “wasn’t picky” and “loved money.”

As a result, Sloan has a simple message for Rippon:

“Adam, I too love money… why else would I have invented such a product? We’re the third best-selling male sex toy and you won third place at the games. The Autoblow is the American champion of automatic masturbation devices and you are the American champion of ice skating,” Sloan explains. “Your hard work and dedication to your sport has inspired millions; now it’s time to cash in. Take our money and represent our brand to the millions of men who admire you.”

Sloan says Rippon can easily make his first 10 grand in sponsorship dollars.

“Get in touch with us and we’ll send you an Autoblow 2. Tweet a photo of yourself holding the product, pointing at it, and smiling. Then we’ll send you $10,000,” Sloan concludes. “At two minutes of work for $10,000, that is $300,000 an hour [and] there’s more where that came from.”

Rippon can reach Sloan by emailing