Mistress Kaz Debuts 'Sordid Secrets' Novel Next Week

LONDON — “Sordid Secrets,” the debut fictional novel by Mistress Kaz that is out next week, tackles taboo subjects and challenges the ideas of monogamy and explores same-gender sex outside the confines of a loving relationship. 

According to Mistress Kaz, the book is an exploration of female sexuality and delves deeply into the minds of two female protagonists whose lives are thrown together, culminating in an emotional rollercoaster of lust, love and betrayal.

“Sordid Secrets” also is told through the eyes of a straight heterosexual male, who finds that his values and attitudes towards love and sex are flipped on their heads.

Mistress Kaz said that “Sordid Secrets is unlike conventional romance novels and tells a story of sex and deceit using powerful female role models to unfold the story, with the use of emotive and at times witty writing that bring the characters to life.”

Mistress Kaz is an adult performer, writer and columnist for the Daily Sport, and many factors of the book were inspired by real-life events.

Grant Miller, owner of The Daily Sport, said: "What a book — steamy from start to finish."

The book is set to debut on Wednesday, Feb. 28. It is available for pre-order here.