Goddess Haven of iWantEmpire Applauded by Jezebel.com

Goddess Haven of iWantEmpire Applauded by Jezebel.com

LOS ANGELES – Fetish artist Goddess Haven of iWantEmpire shares her passion for financial domination and her secrets to success in an insightful article from Jezebel.com.

Haven told Jezebel Senior Editor Joanna Rothkopf, “I’m pleased to have had the opportunity to take Jezebel behind the scenes of findom and share my love and passion. I hope everyone will take a moment to read the feature and through my story obtain a greater understanding of the life of a findom artist and the people who support us and enjoy our work.”

Jay Phillips, founder and president of iWantEmpire, said, “Goddess Haven has a fascinating story and I am proud to read about her successes on the Gizmodo network. We only succeed when our artists are succeeding, and Haven is the perfect representation of this missive. She does everything with great energy and vision and has an entrepreneurial spirit that is inspirational to everyone including myself.”

In the article, Rothkopf wrote about Haven’s experience as an artist and how she is able to blend work with pleasure: “In our conversation, Haven explained that findom isn’t just a highly efficient (and cool as hell) way of getting money. ‘When I first started I was really, really insecure, and as I progressed, hearing those positive affirmations … and then having guys agree [gave me] a serious confidence boost.’”

In the accompanying video, Haven offers tips on being a successful domme: “Consistency is the key. You can’t just pop in every now and then and wonder why you’re not making any money. It’s just like a job. You’re running a business. It’s really important you don’t drain yourself emotionally. A lot of these guys … could be really negative and bring you a day’s load of drama and insecurities day after day.”

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