CCBill Announces Integration Partnership With Ubersmith

CCBill Announces Integration Partnership With Ubersmith

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill announced today that Ubersmith has become the first billing software to integrate with the payments-as-a-service platform.

According to CCBill, the new partnership further supports the end-to-end, usage-based subscription billing, sales quoting, order management, infrastructure management and help desk ticketing needs of Ubersmith’s global business users. 

With the new integration, current and future Ubersmith and CCBill customers can now benefit from an all-in-one automated and PCI-compliant solution from anywhere and on any device.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of multiple business roles, from IT to Finance to Support, the modular design of Ubersmith’s Business Management Software Suite enables CCBill merchants to access a full complement of features or select only the capabilities they need.

Ubersmith is the first CCBill Integration Partner to offer billing and customer lifecycle solutions. Its software helps organizations better serve their customers, shorten their time-to-market, and grow and manage their business at the highest level, while lowering costs.

CCBill provides Ubersmith users and their customers with a seamless and secure tiered pricing, recurring payments and invoicing experience, backed by hundreds of powerful, customizable business automation and expansion tools and features, according to Chris Pike, CCBill’s channel manager.  

CCBill’s platform is designed to provide accurate tracking, real-time reporting and consistent payments by providing subscriber payment information securely between CCBill and the Ubersmith client manager.

To support the needs of Ubersmith end-users, CCBill provides live and complete 24/7 consumer billing support every day of the year, and offers a wide variety of global payment options, from credit cards, online checks and European direct debit options, to CCBill Pay, a simple “log in and pay” stored payment service can be used by Ubersmith customers for upgrades and added sales, Pike said.

To support the branding needs of Ubersmith business users, CCBill also automatically generates customized payment and invoice templates, as well as customer receipts, Pike said.

“At CCBill, we make every effort to instill consumer trust, while reducing the workload  for Ubersmith users, “Pike said. “As a strong leader in the localized and hosted subscription software market, we are excited to partner with Ubersmith.

“Integrated into the Ubersmith Business Management Suite, CCBill looks forward to delivering the best payment and invoicing experience for all the global consumers buying services from Ubersmith clients.”