Stripchat Cam Model, Gamer Girl 'Warlock Princess' Bares All

LOS ANGELES — Stripchat has announced the introduction of its premier cam girl, Warlock Princess (a.k.a. Terra Storm), a gamer girl that’s looking to incorporate her lifestyle into her webcam work.

“I really try to create an epic gamer brand on the site,” Warlock Princess told XBIZ in a recent interview. “I want to connect with all the horny people, but also the gamers so that we can all nerd out together.”

“Mainly, I stream Blizzard games,” she added. “So games like ‘World of Warcraft,’ ‘Overwatch’ and ‘Heroes of the Storm.’”

While Warlock Princess never originally thought about camming as a career, she was inspired by other performers, saying, “The cams that I typically viewed, and still view, are so full of life, and the models seemed to always be so happy and genuinely love what they do.”

“[The Warlock Princess/Terra Storm brand] is me taking the initial cam expectations — naughty bits and sexy time — and adding my own nerdy flair and true self to it as well. I don't shy away from having full on nerd conversations, having cosplay days, or even gaming while camming. It makes viewers feel more at home,” Warlock Princess concludes. “About 99 percent of my loyal fans are true-blue nerds at heart… as long as there are fun nerdy themes, maybe even some sexy elf action, and plenty of ass and oil to go around — then everyone has fun!”

Fans can find Warlock Princess on Stripchat at