iWantEmpire Reveals 2017's Top 10 Fetishes

iWantEmpire Reveals 2017's Top 10 Fetishes

LOS ANGELES — iWantEmpire has announced financial domination, mesmerize and cuckolding made the list of top 10 fetishes favored by its fans.

According to a study released today by the site, the top 10 fetishes are as followed:

1. Financial Domination — When submissive individuals find pleasure in giving money and gifts to a dominant individual.
2. Mesmerize — the act of receiving sexual pleasure from being placed into a mesmerized state of consciousness.
3. Goddess Worship — worshiping a woman that is either greatly adored or desired by others.
4. Cum Eating — When a submissive male is instructed to consume his own ejaculate by a dominant individual.
5. Ass Worship — Adoring the ass or buttocks of an individual.
6. Cuckold — A sexually submissive male who witnesses their female partner being sexually gratified by another male.
7. Coerced Bisexuality — Becoming sexually aroused by being persuaded to become bisexual.
8. Home Wrecker — An individual who causes a marriage or domestic partners ship to fall apart due to infidelity.
9. Small Penis Humiliation — When a man is aroused by another individual who is humiliating him for having a small penis.
10. Executrix — The role play of an individual who has taken the role of executioner by engaging in sex acts.

“iWantEmpire offers thousands of fetishes and our top ten list, while the most popular, only touches the very tip of what’s available,” said Jay Phillips, founder and president of iWantEmpire. “It is fascinating to learn about so many different fantasies and to study the psychology of each. Our artists and their fans collaborate through custom clip requests to create truly unique content, which often becomes its own genre with ample demand world wide. We attest all consensual sexual performances are art and should be celebrated as such. iWantEmpire is everything you want.”

The study also revealed the following iWantEmpire’s top 10 highest earning artists of 2017:

1. Bratty Nikki
2. The Mistress B
3. Goddess Jessica
4. Violet Doll
5. Ceara Lynch
6. Goddess Jasmine Mendez 
7. Princess Ashley
8. Crystal Knight
9. Princess Fierce
10. The Only Theodora

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