ASACP Honors Featured Sponsors for January

LOS ANGELES — The Association of Sites Advocating Child Protection (ASACP) has announced that Adult Webmaster Empire (AWE), MindGeek and Commerce Gate are featured sponsors for the month of January.

ASACP’s executive director Tim Henning credits the nonprofit association’s long record of success to the efforts of its small but dedicated staff and the generous support of its family of sponsors, which enable the association’s efforts.

“The association takes pride in recognizing an exceptional selection of sponsors each month, honoring their ongoing commitment to the cause of online child protection and continued support of ASACP,” Henning said. “2018 will mark 22 years of positive action on the part of ASACP to make the internet safer for children and it has only been possible because of our sponsors.”

Henning points to the association’s services, including ASACP’s globally recognized Child Exploitation Tipline that has processed more than 1 million CP reports to date; its award-winning Restricted To Adults (RTA) meta label that helps filter age-restricted materials; along with market-specific Best Practices; and a universal Code of Ethics that guides companies towards child-safe operation, as evidence of the value of the association and the effective use it makes of the support it receives.

“ASACP’s Featured Sponsors demonstrate their industry leadership on a daily basis,” Henning added, “and serve as excellent role models for their business peers, providing great examples for other companies to follow.”

Adult Webmaster Empire (AWE)/Jasmin

A Platinum Sponsor supporting ASACP for nearly a decade, AWE, known for its Jasmin brand, unites millions of users from around the globe via its popular live webcam and chat platform. Because of the unique nature of live cam services, the company takes its responsibilities seriously by preventing children from accessing its site, while ensuring that its cam models are all of legal age. This process starts with the proactive use of an overlaid warning page that alerts visitors that age-restricted content is ahead.

To ensure they meet the minimum age requirements for performers, individuals who register as live cam models on or its associated sites are subject to a rigorous screening process. The company implements extensive measures to constantly monitor its live content, as an additional proactive measure for protecting minors.

According to AWE/Jasmin CEO and co-founder Karoly Papp, it is important for the company to be associated with ASACP, and support its team’s mission of protecting children.

“We have ourselves developed some strong regulations in order to verify the age of the users and to keep children out of adult-oriented materials,” Papp said. “We have been involved in this association since 2008, and we will keep doing so.”


An ASACP Platinum Sponsor, MindGeek’s generous support of the association shows how the protection of children in the digital age is a paramount concern for all involved.

“Families, guardians and business leaders all share a responsibility for ensuring children are not exposed to inappropriate content online,” said Catherine Dunn, MindGeek's vice president of global communications. “Everyone has a role to play, and we do our part by ensuring age verification tools are an integral part of MindGeek’s extensive portfolio of industry-leading websites as legally required so that only those who should enjoy our sites are able to.

“ASACP is uniquely qualified to tackle the overwhelming challenge that is protecting children online,” Dunn added. “MindGeek is proud to be a Platinum Sponsor, and have supported the association in this cause for well over half a decade now.”


An ASACP Corporate Sponsor since 2010, Barcelona-based CommerceGate offers Europe’s online businesses a complete set of services for accepting credit card payments, with fraud protection, secure access management, online tools and exclusive client and end-user support.

Founded in 2006, CommerceGate is a venture inspired by industry veterans who understand both the credit card and payment industries as well as the challenges of global e-commerce, enabling “merchants and site owners to concentrate on building and expanding their business.”

As a payment processing firm, CommerceGate provides guidance to merchants and a review of the sites they help process transactions for. Offering a third-party inspection of the content clients offer to consumers, CommerceGate points out potential problem areas while guiding operators towards Best Practices and legal compliance, making the Internet safer for children.

“From live cams to adult entertainment to online billing platforms, ASACP’s Featured Sponsors for January illustrate the commitment towards online child protection exercised by top-tier companies regardless of their primary market segment,” Henning concluded. “These companies earn their leadership position in part by taking real action in the fight for child safety and through their sponsorship of ASACP.”

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