ManyVids Issues Statement on the Passing of August Ames

ManyVids Issues Statement on the Passing of August Ames

LOS ANGELES — has released the following statement on August Ames, who tragically passed away this week:

There are no words to express how incredibly devastated and saddened we are to hear about the passing of August Ames. It is heart-shattering to think that a beautiful angel has left us all way too early. The MV Team never had the chance to meet August in person but her transcending kindness was very apparent.

Writing these words is leading to tears of disbelief. We are asking you all to please not further the bullying by blaming or pointing fingers. Now is the time for everyone to come together. Our respect for one another is vital. Respect, compassion and understanding should be the only way to communicate with each other at all times. The power of positivity will always be stronger than anything else.

We need to push the hatred aside and continue to love. Negativity only breeds destruction. The adult community suffers from tons of animosity from the outside world so now, more than ever, we need to stick together. We should be working as allies towards elevating the adult industry standard and protecting performers and content creators. This mission is greater than all of us. It’s about making a real difference. It’s about building a greater community and, in turn, creating a brighter future.

A beautiful young woman who was loved dearly has lost her life due to the negative comments and opinions of others. Bullying is a serious matter and this situation is a tragic yet prime example of how being cruel to one another is never the answer. However, being kind to one another can change the world one life at a time. Today and every day, let us remember August Ames for her incredible beauty and radiant personality. She will be greatly missed.

Being an adult performer can sometimes leave you feeling alone, or isolated and we recognize that. Please always remember that we are here for all of you.You are not alone. For those of you who need emotional support during your time of grief, our support team is here and willing to help. Anyone can email us at and we will do our best to help get through this together.