Exec Discusses MailPartner's Monetization Campaigns With Mainstream Offers

Exec Discusses MailPartner's Monetization Campaigns With Mainstream Offers

In the following submitted article, TrafficPartner‘s Moritz von Arnim discusses MailPartner.com, which offers owners of high-risk email lists a high chance of monetization with the company‘s mainstream offers.

There might be alternatives that have been deemed promising by some, but email campaigns are still a fundamental part of any given company and can potentially become a tremendous income stream — even if remaining just a secondary revenue option.

MailPartner.com offers a "hands-free" approach for businesses with existing recipient lists, looking to solve questions such as, “what to do with recipients after they’ve converted?" or “how to increase monetization of existing customers?"

We’ve sat down with TrafficPartner.com's own Moritz von Arnim to see what MailPartner.com is offering here and why solely trusting traditional email service providers might not be the best strategy for your business.

Q: Hi Moritz, please describe your position and responsibility at TrafficPartner.com for our readers.

A: I’m the chief sales officer at TrafficPartner.com. I am essentially responsible for every sales related topic concerning all of our business units. These would be Webbilling.com, DatingPartner.com, CamPartner.com, DigitalPerformance.de, MailPartner.com and, of course, TrafficPartner itself.

Q: So, how did the idea for MailPartner.com came about?

A: Well, you see everyone has thousands and thousands of recipients that have converted already or at least signed up, right? Basically you’re monetizing these customers at least once or only sparsely after the initial conversion. The idea was to increase the effectivity in our own lists and thus MailPartner.com was pretty much born.

Shortly put: imagine an effective and additional monetization method of all your mail contacts, hands-free, with mainstream offers being advertised to them.

Q: Could you describe what’s a significant difference of MailPartner.com compared to conventional email service providers?

A: Of course! Our work includes all single steps necessary when talking campaign management. From marketing automation, dynamic content in autoresponders for example, to split tests that’ll determine the significance of campaigns which have been sent.

An average ESP might offer these solutions, but on the other hand will most likely only deliver your mail.

However, MailPartner.com makes all arrangements for its customers on top, ensuring a high quality standard of campaigns prior to sending and additionally checking upon data after the delivery to optimize future mailings.

You determine a desired path and it's taken care of from there, basing all fine tuning on information given and campaign success rates received.

Q: You’ve mentioned mainstream offers earlier. Please elaborate why MailPartner.com thinks this is a gamechanger.

A: Our extensive catalogue of mainstream offers comes with huge payouts. The magic happens through the wide range of options. We can easily put offers out there that cater to the customer's likings. Accordingly, we’re able to cover all monetizations streams. You’re not only making more use of your recipient lists, but also enable increased earnings effectively with MailPartner’s higher payouts.

Q: And recipients of high risk lists have an affinity for mainstream offers?

A: Well, who doesn’t? If your customers are willing to spend money on adult entertainment or gambling, then they’ll put money on mainstream offers too — they’re still human beings like we all are. Who doesn’t want to take a trip to Dubai with a huge discount? Or wouldn’t need an insurance for the car? We cover a lot of mainstream highlights, from the aforementioned travel industry to automobiles or events.

Q: Have you run tests and can you underline the pros of this procedure?

A: We’re always testing everything to deliver a custommade MailPartner campaign strategy. Checking recipient lists from interested parties step by step is common on our end, because finding the right focus is a crucial part. We’re happy to see anyone get in touch with us, I mean, pretty much every vertical is worth a test.

Q: Anything you might want to add?

A: Besides our discussion of the topic how businesses have a real opportunity here, in adding an income stream and monetizing their customers in a stronger fashion through our services, MailPartner.com offers a 360-degree email marketing solution based on extensive experience. We’re happy for anyone to contact us now to discuss a profit share plan that allows you to cash in like never before.