JuicyAds Launches LiquidFire SmartLinks

JuicyAds Launches LiquidFire SmartLinks
Rhett Pardon

VANCOUVER, Canada — LiquidFire today was launched as a SmartLinks monetization engine, exclusively available at JuicyAds

It takes your traffic and turns it into cash, announced Juicy Jay, founder and CEO. 

In a few seconds it’s possible to add your website to JuicyAds, copy your Direct URL to LiquidFire and start applying it to any type of traffic.

SmartLinks are optimized redirects that deliver traffic to the highest producing offer for a certain segment, for the purpose of maximizing conversions and revenue for the publisher or media buyer, Jay said.  SmartLink systems operate similarly to split testing, and LiquidFire's solution utilizes machine learning and prediction models to generate revenues.

"The LiquidFire platform accepts all types of traffic including desktop and mobile, it’s not just the system that has replaced our mobile redirects offering. I'm pleased to say it’s now officially launched into public beta," Jay said. "All types of traffic will convert with LiquidFire. 

“Remnant, redirects, pops, banners, CJ, blind ... whatever you want to call it, LiquidFire can convert it."

As a performance system that pays on CPA, it means higher-quality traffic will generate higher revenues.  Publishers and media buyers often require the ability to review statistics and data in-depth, so LiquidFire provides robust statistics. 

They allow full breakdown and display by date range, with grouping and filtering by and of course by smart link ID, country, connection type, carrier, device, operating system and browser.

The data provided is well beyond what was provided previously on the JuicyAds platform related to mobile redirects, providing far more power and usability for Publishers.  Source SubID tracking — by website — is coming available soon, Jay said.

To start using the LiquidFire SmartLinks, sign up for JuicyAds.com or use an existing account.

JuicyAds is a 21-time award winning advertising network offering banner and popunder advertising with an ever-increasing amount of targeting options and statistics. 

Its self-service platform is available at JuicyAds.com and dedicated campaign managers are available for select clients.