Omni Magazine Is Officially Back in Print

Omni Magazine Is Officially Back in Print
Rhett Pardon

LOS ANGELES — Omni, the iconic science and science fiction magazine, has relaunched with its winter 2017 issue. It is on newsstands now.

“Omni was groundbreaking when it launched in 1978, a time of fascination and awe in both science and science fiction,” Omni Publisher Kelly Holland said. “It was in the pages of Omni that we coined the term cyberspace and charted the journey of Voyager toward the solar system’s edge.

“When Apple’s Steve Jobs left his garage, Omni was there, shining a light on the computer revolution, test tube babies, and the secrets of consciousness and the mind,” said Holland, who is Penthouse’s owner. “We sat in dark theaters thrilling to ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’ and ‘Star Wars,’ and Omni captured the wonder, propelling our imagination and stoking our passions and dreams.” 

In addition to the print magazine, will explore science and imagination at the crossroads of culture. will publish all-original content, including interactive features, a participatory Mind-Brain Lab, fiction from emerging writers, wide-ranging blogs on technology, gaming, evolution and cosmology, as well as coverage of genre film, TV, fiction and the arts.

Omni Editor-in-Chief Pamela Weintraub said the relaunched magazine has “wide-open possibilities, tapping the same spirit of awe and anticipation that propelled the original Omni but for the zeitgeist of today.” Weintraub was part of Omni’s early team and later served as its editor. Omni also welcomed back Ellen Datlow as its fiction editor.

“We are still explorers across space and time,” Weintraub said. “We still honor exceptional journalism that surveys the outer limits of human intellect, and top fiction that ventures into the even more remote realms of imagination. Every so often, we expect to take a hard-left turn to the mysterious, fantastic and unknown.” 

Omni’s winter 2017 issue focuses on time travel and the mysteries of time. Notable features include Sherry Baker’s “Doing Time on a Generation Starship,” photography from Erik Johanson and Sulaiman Almawash, an interview with iconic author William Gibson and fiction from author Nancy Kress, Maureen McHugh and Rich Larson, among others. 

“In 2017 the trajectories of science and science fiction have drawn ever closer, so that we take for granted what we could only have imagined four decades before,” Holland said. “But we still need Omni, a portal to ongoing revolutions in artificial intelligence, interstellar travel, trans-human evolution, and the culture of science and tech. Omni will always challenge our assumptions, inspire our imagination, and offer a window to future worlds.”