Adnium Exclusively Launches TrafficPartner's E.U. Members Area Traffic

 Adnium Exclusively Launches TrafficPartner's E.U. Members Area Traffic
Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — Adnium will be exclusively offering’s E.U. members area traffic, it was announced today.

The announcement coincides with Grand Slam Media’s 10-year anniversary. Grand Slam Media operates Adnium.

Adnium considers itself the next-generation ad network and supports open RTB as a self-serve system. Seeing that the company is also known as “security first” platform, any interested party is encouraged to apply right away to receive popunder ad access as soon as possible, the company said.

"With a release set for Nov. 20, an earlier depicted high level plan is in full swing and will supposedly end the year with a deeply promising bang. Considering a portfolio of 13-plus top performing sites being made available right from the start, such as, or, the hype seems justified,” the company said.

“We’re extremely satisfied to finally serve this remarkable offer,” said Luke Hazlewood, CEO of Grand Slam Media. “It’s been quite the build up, but our extensive test runs will now eventually pay off — especially for our customers. So, starting Nov. 20, advertisers can be assured that buying members area ads will lead to higher conversion rates and profitability. On the other hand, publishers that’ll display ads can charge premium CPM because of the superior quality. We’ll be kicking things off with desktop and mobile popunder ads.”

“We’re not offering anything that hasn’t been proven successful on our end,” said Michael Reul, CEO of “Numbers have shown repeatedly that revenue is absolutely incremental. With 100,000-plus  impressions daily? This can easily become a new and rewarding income stream for many advertisers and publishers.”

Earlier this year, Grand Slam Media and released numbers to allow more insights into the topic of membership area traffic.

These have underlined that a loss in member subscriptions, according to their A/B test results and learnings from considerable monitoring periods, is nothing but a myth, the companies said.

Revenue increases, revealed in July, looked very assuring regarding their DACH dating sites. An average upside of 30.5 percent through ad sells had been noted and stated that ad revenues started to make up 25 percent of their earnings, the companies said.

The offer delivers a paramount portfolio of performant sites right away, including, but not limited to,,,, and

“These are the DACH (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) region's top five sites,” Hazlewood said. “Of course they’re already highly converting, but the roster is delivering more than 13 products altogether. Sites like, or to name a few. Also, besides the aforementioned regions, TrafficPartner will open up other GEOs like the Nordics."

The companies said that additional big announcements are coming soon.

“We’re absolutely thrilled,” Hazlewood said. “Anyone, with an eye on our press releases, social media channels or newsletters, will have seen that we’re constantly pushing exciting updates since the collaboration with started. Also, that we’re feeling like a literal dream team at this point. However, it’s not about just having a bold statement with an attitude out there, but rather realizing that our synergies and individual expertises are just the perfect match.

"Anyone trying our offers will eventually come to see that clearly, especially when our services start adding to their core revenue.”

Email to apply for access.