PornDoe Premium Set to Launch

PornDoe Premium Set to Launch

SWITZERLAND — PornDoe Premium announced today that it will be adding schoolgirl-fantasy site to its network on Tuesday.

The new site’s premise? Young slutty French exchange students who are eager to please and be pleased as they explore their sexual appetites between the faculty and student body.

PornDoe Premium has tapped top-tier adult performers from France and the U.S. for Starring in the scenes are Lana Rhodes, Mina Sauvage, Francesca DiCaprio, Valentina Ricci and Rick Angel.

“The French market is one that we have been present in for quite some time, but this newest instalment will surely rank us among the top French productions available," said Yannick Ferreri, Head of production for PornDoe Premium. 

The site will be the 37th for the brand, and comes after debuting adult-model casting site last month. So far now offers 2,200 on-demand scenes and keeps on adding at least 80 updates a month.

“We are aware that the French market is a huge one with a small talent pool, and so we decided on a brand that could allow us some flexibility — all while keeping the essence off French production front and center,” said Gian Carlo, managing partner of PornDoe Premium. 

The PornDoe Premium creators said that from the early days of cinema, the French were masters of producing genuinely erotic moments, “being known for their daring mixture of arthouse films with hardcore inserts.”

“I guess, there’s no need to mention the most prominent performance of Ariel Besse in 'Beau-Pere'  that changed the way films portraying sexuality by exploring “the teenage girl on the cusp of sexual awakening,” PornDoe Premium's creators said.

“Being pioneers in sexual liberalization, which was reflected in both attitudes towards cinema and the content of cinema itself, French people always had a fascination about the firsts sexual encounters.

"Part child, part femme fatale, innocent and dangerous in equal proportions, these schoolgirl seductresses, born to blossom under the eye of the camera, have exerted a fatal fascination for those who seek to capture and unveil this pervy landscape.

“Having all these in mind, PornDoe Premium decided to take the crown as masters of French porn, making a site that highlights their exploration of the sexual awakening on screen and the joy’s and pains of adolescence sexuality played out with its characteristic surrealist flourish.

“Simply put, with its newest addition to its ever-growing network, PornDoe Premium is setting the new standard on the French market. Our collection of iconic films, not only create a realism that captures the essence of youthful desire and blind passion but also have a realistic storytelling style, portraying an innocent age when sex happens for sex’s sake, indulging in seedy voyeurism or anonymous and dangerous sex or depict issues such as obsession, incest, etc.” monthly all-inclusive memberships start at $29.95.