Industry Vets Team to Launch

Industry Vets Team to Launch
Stephen Yagielowicz

LOS ANGELES — Industry veterans Ines Petersen and Jean-Marie Kesch (JMK) have announced their launch of, which they call “the cleanest job hunt platform you’ve ever seen!”

According to the company, finding a career can be challenging, and even moving from one company to another isn’t always easy when you work in the adult industry.

“You need to have direct connections to the people who actually do the hiring at companies you really want to work with and getting that access isn’t always easy,” explains a JobSoap spokesperson. “Posting positions in the hope of finding the right candidate for an open spot at your company was also a challenge with many job sites blacklisting adult entirely.”

“Many in adult know JMK and I very well, because we have worked with several of the largest brands in the space and we have experience finding quality positions for ourselves and quality employees for our employers,” says JobSoap’s Ines Petersen. “Now we are putting that expertise to use for everyone else. Check out the site or contact us directly and let’s find you the right fit, right away.”

“Publishing job offers is completely free [for] companies, and so is signing up as an applicant seeking a new or better career in adult,” adds JobSoap’s JMK. “Even the first matchmaking is free for each company as a way for us to prove our value. With zero risks and many quality jobs to fill, this is the right time to get started with Job Soap.”

Petersen and JMK each have more than twenty years experience in the adult industry, providing diversity and understanding of the industry ecosystem.

“Putting those skills and years of practice to use as part of your own HR strategy, or leaning on Job Soap and learning from two industry veterans, makes perfect sense,” the spokesperson concludes. “That’s why the site is already filling with quality offers and talented candidates so quickly.”

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