iWantEmpire Launches as iWantClips Network Parent Company

iWantEmpire Launches as iWantClips Network Parent Company

LOS ANGELES — iWantEmpire launched today as the parent company to iWantClips’ growing network of sites.

iWantEmpire now represents the brand’s full lineup of websites; iWantClips.com, iWantCustomClips.com, iWantPhone.com and the soon to be released iWantFanClub.com.

“Today I am very proud and excited to be able to introduce iWantEmpire as the parent company to our entire network of sites,” said iWantEmpire vice president Jay Phillips. “Back in 2014 when we launched staying under the brand name iWantClips / IWC made sense.

“Now as we’ve grown over the years to include a custom clip ordering platform, a phone chat site and our soon to be launched private social media subscription platform, IWC as an overall branding doesn't fully represent us, but iWantEmpire does so perfectly,” Phillips added. “iWantEmpire isn’t a small, closed knit impossible to join club, it is the embodiment of our unified success, iWantEmpire is what happens when artists take control of their futures. It’s your empire, it’s your future, it’s all yours for the taking!”

iWantEmpire invites all members of adult industry to “join the empire and own their content, and their future." To begin, click here.

“We have experienced remarkable growth in the past year and I would like to personally thank all of the artists who have trusted us with their content, and referred the iWantEmpire websites to their fan base,” Phillips continued. “It is an honor to work with some of the internet’s most in-demand artists, and to be able to tailor our software to their changing needs. I would also like to thank my wife, Nikki, for her tenacity and commitment to excellence. She is my inspiration, and the reason our vision has come to life. iWantEmpire supports empowering artists of all walks of life to own their content, and own their future!” 

For more information, visit iWantEmpire.