'Saturday Night Live' Parodies Chaturbate in 'Espionage' Skit

'Saturday Night Live' Parodies Chaturbate in 'Espionage' Skit

CYBERSPACE — This past weekend, Saturday Night Live aired a skit titled “Espionage,” which featured a chatroom with a logo similar to Chaturbate’s.

“You know you've hit mainstream consciousness when Saturday Night Live parodies your company,” a Chaturbate spokesperson enthused.

"Espionage" shows a crucial international data exchange negotiation being interrupted by the live feed of two blousy, BBW fetish divas performing crazy acts to promote tips from their online fans through a Chaturbate-esque website.

Due to "technical difficulties" caused by the crossed video streams, the negotiation with a hard-edged spy goes hysterically wrong. To watch the full skit, click here.

For more information, visit Chaturbate.com.