Adnium Planning to Offer New Mainstream Feature

Adnium Planning to Offer New Mainstream Feature
Rhett Pardon

TORONTO — Adnium plans to release a new mainstream feature for its ad network.

Luke Hazlewood, CEO Grand Slam Media and Adnium, said that when the feature debuts next month the platform will be able to offer premium mainstream dating inventory through its self-serve option.

"This is one aspect of the high-level business plan we couldn’t wait to be rolling out," Hazlewood said. "Now, that we’re starting so early on, we’re pretty excited to offer this amazing option to our advertisers and publishers starting Nov. 1.”

The announcement of the new feature comes several months after Hazlewood’s companies struck a collaboration deal with, known for developing and operating its own dating products, offers a variety of such sites, including,, and others.

“If you’re looking for mainstream or sex-centered dating sites, we will have a strong roster for you available,” Hazlewood said. “You’ll now simply decide between straight, gay or mainstream products on Adnium. Use our industry-leading targeting options to start converting immediately.“

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