Brett Rossi Now Booking as Free Agent, Directing New Projects

Brett Rossi Now Booking as Free Agent, Directing New Projects

LOS ANGELES — Multi XBIZ Award-nominated adult star Brett Rossi has announced she is now booking shoots as a free agent, while continuing to expand her multi-faceted career with more directing, feature dancing and stand-up comedy.

Rossi was profiled in-depth this summer in an XBIZ exclusive, where she discussed her ArchAngel IR contract, glamour video production ambitions, Deviant Entertainment directing and a variety of other topics. Now, she is pursuing her professional goals with even more determination. 

"I’m focusing more on having the ability to control my own schedule, building upon my personal relationships with other directors and companies," Rossi told XBIZ. "And I’ve been around for so long, I felt it was time to take more direct control of my career, because I’m going to be venturing into comedy and continuing to pursue feature dancing as well." 

Shortly after signing her IR contract with ArchAngel, Rossi landed the cover of their "Ultimate Blondes 3" DVD, and the title received a strong review on XBIZ. Her directorial debut for Deviant Entertainment, "Brett Rossi's Girl Crushed 2," also earned a rave review on XBIZ.

"I want to be more multi-faceted in my approach to adult entertainment overall and I feel like it’s important to be fully in command of your own career, because nobody’s going to work harder for you, than yourself," Rossi confided to XBIZ.

Last week, she announced the release of her latest Deviant directorial project, "Brett Rossi's Schoolgirl Massacre," with other such movies on the horizon. 

“I’m going to be directing more with Deviant Entertainment and I’m also going to be personally producing and directing a glamour project, which is an aesthetic I’d love to bring back to porn," Rossi told XBIZ. "Because, I miss that whole era of porn and I believe it is what the viewers and the industry need. Right now, everything out there right is so played out — it's often stale, stagnant and sterile. It’s just like, there’s no creativity behind it anymore.”

To book Rossi, contact her at She can be also be found on BrettRossi.comTwitter and Instagram.

Featured image courtesy of MimeFreak and ArchAngel.