James Deen Launches Fundraiser for Breast Cancer Awareness

LOS ANGELES — JamesDeen.com is raising money for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, which is this October.

This year, JamesDeen.com will donate 50 percent off all web profits to the National Breast Cancer Foundation, which has been a champion of breast cancer prevention since 1991.

"I started doing this a few years ago,” Deen commented. “I have had many friends and family members in my life suffer from cancer and I realized that I had a platform I could use to try to raise some money to help the cause. 

"Each year I do this I get asked if I have friends who suffer from breast cancer, and I deal with the bullshit cliche of a porn star trying to save the boobies,” he added. “Which is very frustrating. Yes, I do have a friend who has been fighting breast cancer for years.

“She has already had a double mastectomy and is currently going through experimental treatments because nothing has worked,” he concluded. “This shouldn't matter. You shouldn't have to be personally affected by a disease in order to realize it is something we as a world should be fighting against. No, I'm not just trying to ‘save the boobies.’ Fighting against all cancer is something I care about and every year I want to give as much money as I can afford to the cause."

To make a donation, simply join JamesDeen.com or donate directly at donate.nationalbreastcancer.org.