StripperCentro, FanCentro Set to Attend ED Expo

LOS ANGELES — ModelCentro has announced that StripperCentro and FanCentro will attend the upcoming ED Expo.

Also known as The Gentleman’s Club Expo, the ED Expo is celebrating its 25th year with its event to be held from August 27-30 at the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, where StripperCentro and FanCentro staff, along with co-sponsor Terpon’s staff, will be on hand at booths 112-114.

According to the company, StripperCentro was designed for dancers to create and run their own fan sites so they can increase their revenues while off-stage. Owners of gentlemen’s clubs can provide dancers with the StripperCentro platform to start making more money, stay with the club longer, and monetize content in new ways.

“The EDExpo is great because it brings together so many club owners and people in the industry from all over the country and beyond,” said Stan D’Aman of StripperCentro. “With brick and mortar adult businesses it’s even more important to build and maintain a tight-knit group of quality colleagues to work together for the benefit of everyone in the business community and the millions of fans who make going on stage so much fun for everyone.” offers 3D 4K VR webcams designed from the ground up for independent cam models, pro cam studios and amateur cam-2-cam fans around the globe.

“Twenty-five years is a long time for any business endeavor, and the people at ED Expo deserve a lot of credit for all they do to maintain the quality of the show and the health of the industry,” said Terpon’s Jean-Claude Artonne. “We’re pleased to be working together with StripperCentro to usher in new revenue streams and technological options for clubs interested in cashing in on the excitement virtual reality broadcasts can bring to every stage show they produce.”

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