FSC: Industry Mourns Loss of Fetish Star January Seraph

FSC: Industry Mourns Loss of Fetish Star January Seraph

SAN FRANCISCO — The Free Speech Coalition posted a release on its site today honoring the passing of dominatrix, model and fetish star January Seraph.

Seraph committed suicide this past Saturday after an 18-month struggle with depression, according to APAC President Ela Darling, who wrote of the fetish star’s death on her blog.

Darling noted on her blog and it was mentioned in the FSC release that Seraph “would not have wanted her death to be sugarcoated.”

“When someone kills themselves we want to talk about it in whimsical, delicate terms but she wouldn’t have wanted that," Darling said. "She died as intensely as she lived. She died on her own terms just the way she lived. This wasn’t sudden. This wasn’t unexpected. She wouldn’t want us talking about this in soft, gentle terms. She was hardcore and this was part of her intensity that made her shine so brightly.”

The FSC said that Seraph “is remembered fondly by producers, performers, and fans who have responded to the star’s death by flooding social media with photos and memories of her career commemorating her generous spirit, intellect and ferocity.”

With the release honoring Seraph, the FSC issued a statement on mental health and resources available to members, as well as nonmembers.

“Finding mental health resources that are safe and welcoming to the industry is challenging, and sex workers from all walks of life often face discrimination and harassment when attempting to access services,” the FSC said.

“If you are in search of sex positive/sex worker friendly mental health resources and support groups, please refer to the list and reach out to FSC should you have questions.”

The adult entertainment trade group has listed resources that individuals can tap into below.

Pictured: January Seraph