Katrina Jade Named 1st-Ever Evil Angel Contract Star

Katrina Jade Named 1st-Ever Evil Angel Contract Star

HELL — Candelabras flickered. Twilight descended. Demons danced.

And little did the tavern peasantry know, that in their midst, a coven of adult entertainment royalty had gathered for a nefarious purpose.

Katrina Jade, the 2017 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year. Adam Grayson, the CFO of 2017 XBIZ Adult Site of the Year, Evil Angel, and his vice president of product, Chris Gentile. Sandra McCarthy, co-owner of OC Modeling, whose XBIZ Award-winning roster dominated this year’s illustrious ceremony.

And, of course, the Industry Source itself … XBIZ.

For only one wielder of the pen could command such spectral forces, such history-in-the-making elements of supernatural glory, to inhabit this digital ink with a necromancer’s dark artistry. Only the very same heretic who crowned two equally diabolical masters of the craft — Evil Angel and Katrina Jade — as the best of the best in their highly competitive domains, stands poised to rip back the curtain … yes, this very moment … on one of the biggest stories of the year.

Never before, in its 28-year history, has Evil Angel seen fit to sign a contract star.

Until now.

Gentile smiled with a gleeman’s cocksure showmanship. “Katrina Jade will be shooting anal, exclusively for Evil Angel, for six months, and we are going to make a documentary about her life with four sex scenes in it, to kick things off,” he revealed, teasing the "I Am Katrina" showcase to come.

Electricity danced across the table. This was groundbreaking on so many levels.

“I’m going to throw up,” Jade blurted, cackling maniacally, before composing herself with a toss of that shimmering raven hair. “But seriously, I’m very excited. When Sandra and I left the office, I told her I was going to throw up.”

She turned to Grayson and Gentile with a look of genuine concern, confessing, “I was scared that you guys were going to change your mind!”

They smiled good-naturedly, like sharks among kindred killers.

“I was like, ‘I want it so bad!’” Jade recalled, addressing her newfound partners-in-crime. “I felt like our brands match perfectly, in the sense that you guys are ‘Evil’ and so am I. You’re hardcore and so am I. And I was telling Sandra that I love shooting for you guys so much, and that now, your fans get to see more from me.”

Clearing his throat, Gentile stared into the glass panes of the nearby wine rack, where a soothing blue light bathed various bottles of intoxicating elixirs. He stirred his drink with casual coolness, and after a brief period of dramatic pause, nonchalantly declared, “And you get to pick the talent.”

Nearly leaping out of her chair, Jade incredulously exclaimed, “I get to pick the talent?!” She slammed the table with an open palm strike, talons extended, as beer bottles quaked. “That’s even more exciting!!! I get to pick my penis!”

Everyone laughed.

Then, Gentile leaned forward conspiratorially. “And … the four directors ... for her first contract title, are going to be John Stagliano, Jonni Darkko, Aiden Starr and LeWood,” he shared. “I think it’s going to be a good mix.”

Arching her immaculate eyebrows, Jade mused, “I’ve never shot for Aiden or John before! I’m so excited.”

The waitress suddenly arrived, delivering a delectable assortment of dishes like fried chicken and waffles, bison tartare and bone marrow. Jade, of course, had ordered the bone marrow … and were any goblets of blood available on the menu, she’d no doubt have downed several pints, licking gore from her fangs all the while.

As the conversation shifted, amidst ravenous feasting and rowdy merrymaking, the topic of “villainous” branding soon dominated the exchange.

“My brand is to be ‘the villain,’” Jade underscored, licking savory bone marrow from her fingers with vampiric allure. “I feel like I really am a villain. And … they’re ‘Evil.’ So, a villain plus ‘Evil’ … is meant to be! I’m currently wearing an upside down crucifix, I love butt stuff and I honestly couldn’t pick a company that’s more perfect, because I love shooting for them. The crazier I am, the less they limit me. They just let me go and they let me blossom and they let me be disgusting and brutal. Shooting for Evil Angel is different because they let me be myself and don’t tell me what to do during my sex. They let me have sex when I want to.”

And yet, despite that exquisite synergy of mirrored brands, this unholy union was not entered into lightly.

“We’ve been doing fundamentally the same thing for the past 28 years and that’s included never tying the brand to a particular performer,” Grayson explained. “We can stand there in the mud all we want and say we’re not going to change, but the world keeps changing, the industry keeps changing and there was more opportunity and more mutual benefit to collaborate with a performer — to give our core audience what they want, which … frankly … is anal scenes they can’t see anywhere else. We also needed to find someone who has the right temperament, personality and individual brand that made sense to ride alongside us.

“And, it didn’t take a whole lot of time, a whole lot of conversation,” he admitted. “It was really only a few weeks until we said, ‘Hey, have you thought about Katrina Jade?’ And then, it was boom! It happened quickly. That was, like, three weeks ago. Oftentimes, she’s the top-performing scene in a movie. And, while star power is great in a vacuum, for us, it’s about what girls our fans care for. Because, an Evil Angel fan is not the same as a lot of other sites.”

Shrugging her shoulders at non-Evil Angel fans, Jade observed, “They’re not a fucking villain, then.”

Chuckling, Grayson summed, “We’ve got a tribe of different people. And we’ve got to make decisions that sort of jive with what they’re into, what kind of girls they dig and what kind of scenes they like. And Katrina definitely fits right into that.”

As far as how the deal was ultimately signed and sealed, OC Modeling’s very own McCarthy expressed, “When the offer was presented, I was so happy. This is probably one of the biggest deals that I was ever happy about. I’ve done a lot of deals. I’ve brokered a lot of contracts. But, it’s a perfect fit. It’s a perfect fit for her. The next six months, she’s going to be the perfect flagship girl for Evil Angel. And I can’t wait to be a part of it!”

Getting down to the brass tacks, Grayson delineated, “So, we have a six-month window and there’s lots of exciting stuff we can do. Because, we have 10 different directors shooting in L.A., there are lots of interesting things we can do. Like, Katrina’s first time with Mike Adriano … Katrina’s first anal scene with Jonni Darkko. Plus, since we have half a year, we’re going to have at least one, if not a couple of high points every month. We definitely don’t want to blow our wad with all the really cool stuff up front, so there’s going to be six months of constant anticipation from our members on what’s happening next.

“We’re using the opportunity to experiment with some stuff we’ve never done,” he continued, steepling his hands. “For instance, we’ve never done a live show, that I’m aware of, for our website members. And, I’m sure there’s a hundred other creative ideas we can think of that we’ve never done, but the fact that it’s a little more organized right now, that we have Katrina — who’s tapped into what we’re doing, and we’ve tapped into what she’s doing — it’s not going to be like, ‘Oh, we have this ambitious idea, who’s available next Thursday?’ It’s a little more calculated and our fans will be expecting her to be involved each time, like, ‘Oh, Evil Angel is doing that? Then Katrina Jade is going to be in it.’"

Experimentation is certainly warranted, given the 2017 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year’s profitable stardom. She has cemented that palpable power with survivalist cunning, darkly rich radiance and authentic badassery, practically guaranteeing that no matter what she does, people will be showing up to watch, money in hand.

“I think I built up the reputation of always being a question mark,” Jade illuminated. “You don’t know what I’m going to give you. You don’t know if I’m going to be calm and talk shit to you. You don’t know if I’m going to be sweet. You don’t know if I’m going to be outside naked. So, I feel like it always gives the fans something to look forward to. Also, my following is a very niche following.”

And, because Jade is a trueborn exhibitionist, she thrives in the spotlight, slaking her endless thirst with the souls of all who bear witness to her witchcraft.

“I love anything in front of people,” she said. “I love exhibitionism in all forms, whether it’s a live camera or in front of a room or a crowd. One-on-one I get more anxiety, since it’s like, ‘Oh shit, you can figure me out!’ Haha. But, when everyone else is over there and I’m putting on a performance over here, it’s way more blossoming for me. Daddy issues!”

Then, she leaned forward, her notoriously ample cleavage squeezed together magnificently. “When they came to me with this deal, they said, ‘By the way, this is very special,’” she confided, her eyes growing misty. “I told them at the table, ‘I feel like my daddy issues are slowly dissipating as you’re saying this to me.’”

And there it was. A sliver of vulnerability. The spark that lights her shadowy wingspan. The heart of hearts beneath the heartless mystique.

It was quickly swallowed by blackest oblivion.

It was scorched, in that instant, by the madcap gleam of her hollow skull eyes, by those unblinking, swirling orbs of doomsday prophecies, lit by sulfuric hellfire.

It was poisoned by writhing cobras slinking from her shoulders, casting a serpentine aurora of infernal majesty, with all the damnation of Lucifer flung from the heavens.

And what wondrous nightmares shall transpire, what furious vengeances shall drip from her flesh, what petty kingdoms she and the 2017 XBIZ Adult Site of the Year will conquer! None are prepared. None. And yet, all shall kneel. All shall bow, heads hung low, submitting to a divine murderess … awaiting dread messengers from the depths of madness … preparing for the coming climax.

For she is the Princess of Darkness. She is the reigning queen of adult stardom. She is the 2017 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year.

She is … more than any other … the earthly incarnation of Evil Angel.


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