ModelCentro Surpasses 50K-Model Milestone

ModelCentro Surpasses 50K-Model Milestone

NEW YORK — today said it recently surpassed the 50,000-model milestone.

ModelCentro’s operators said that with that many models on the ModelCentro network users wouldn’t be able to see the same one twice until more than 136 years.

“When we say lifetime supply, we mean even if you check out a few new girls each and every day on ModelCentro, you still won’t be able to see all of them,” said Julia Bluejay of

“You’ll need to be checking out new models several times a day… and if you take even a few minutes off between each model to rest or grab an ice pack during recovery, we’ll have already added new starlets faster than you can keep up the pace.

“Using ModelCentro, Fancentro and MCProfits as a suite of tools to move your career ahead is what more than 50,000 models have figured out already,” she added, "and if you contact our award-winning support team we can show you exactly how to maximize your own ROI by leveraging all the tools available to you on this amazing platform”

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