LittleRedBunny Goes Mainstream for Comedic Web Series 'WankBank'

LittleRedBunny Goes Mainstream for Comedic Web Series 'WankBank'

NEW YORK — Kaleidosight Films and Garden Empire Films have come together to produce an upcoming web series entitled “WankBank,” featuring cam star LittleRedBunny.

The comedic series follows Mika, a young man who is forced to attend court-mandated “masturbators anonymous” to avoid jail time and becoming a registered sex offender, only to discover the group is more trouble than what he thought he avoided.

LittleRedBunny, aka Ophelia, is a popular adult entertainer with more than five years of experience, including winning several awards for her work in webcamming. She will play Mika’s troublemaking subconscious and his favorite adult entertainer.

Director/Producer/creator KL Martin says he speaks for everyone involved when he says they are  lucky to have “such a talented, energetic and popular talent” as a part of this project.

“What she brings to the table and her boundless energy is something that’s going to be impossible to quantify in terms of how important it is to the success of the show,” Martin says. “I am beyond excited to work with her on set and have her as not only as an actress but also her input as an executive producer.”

“WankBank” was created by KL Martin and Esdras Accime and goes into principal photography in late August. Casting call for the show is May 20 through Kesh Casting at actor connection in New York. The production will be the task of Kaleidosight Films, which specializes in developing mainstream/original ideas on an independent budget for the web/film, and Garden Empire Films, which specializes in web-centric content, pre-production, and development. Both are New Jersey-based production companies.

Fans can follow LittleRedBunny on Twitter @LittleRedBunnyx.