Kat Dior Lands Major Role in Will Ryder's 'Bad Babes Inc.'

Kat Dior Lands Major Role in Will Ryder's 'Bad Babes Inc.'

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — When you're offered a major acting role with pages of dialogue, and shooting commences in 14 hours, do you take the gig? Such was the question adult starlet Kat Dior faced as she had 60 seconds to accept or risk losing a part in what could become a Feature Movie of the Year contender, according to renowned director Will Ryder.

"The phone call came out of the blue and the director said, 'We're shooting 'Bad Babes Incorporated' and you'd be playing the stoned receptionist of a porn company," Dior revealed. "So, I figured it was a little vignette movie. How hard could that be? So, I said, 'Yes.'"

The blonde, Columbian-American performer best known for her talent in sex scenes, has been concentrating on expanding her resume, but when the 36-page "Bad Babes Incorporated" script arrived, she discovered she was a major character in a full-length feature comedy movie. This was no vignette movie.  

"I printed out this big thick script and realized my character was in a shit-ton of scenes," she related. "I was nervous, but I decided to just go over my lines and learn as much dialogue as humanly possible."

Writer/director Ryder noted, "Kat was put in a very difficult spot as a last minute replacement actress, but she took the challenge head-on and came to the set at eight the next morning knowing most of the dialogue."

Dior offered, "He's leaving out one important detail. I was coming off a bad cold and I practiced so much the night before, I lost my voice. I wanted to save what was left of my voice so I didn't speak a word until my first scene. After speaking with some of the crew later that month, they told me they thought I was a mute porn star when they met me!" She laughed. 

Dior was hoarse and could barely talk as she sat in the make-up chair with a thick towel wrapped around her neck, desperate for hot tea and honey, revealed Ryder.

"It was almost heavenly, but we found some tea and honey in the skid row area of Los Angeles where we were shooting and Kat got some of her voice back by the time we shot her first scene," stated the movie's co-producer Scott David. 

"What surprised me is that she hit the mark as though she had been studying that script for weeks," Ryder remarked.  "The girl is a very talented serious actress and for me it's like discovering a little gem that was tucked away under some gonzo rock. Who knew?"  

Apparently, other directors are "finding out how talented Kat Dior is" as director Andre Madness cast Dior in his feature movie "Backdoor Pass: A Day in the Life" and Stills by Alan directed Dior in his action-adventure movie series "Extradition" for Girlsway. She also did the voice-over narration for that movie.  

In fact, Ryder points out that Dior is developing somewhat of a voice-over career doing a series of infomercials for Scott David's "Oral Ace" and being the voice of award shows. 

"I'm trying to expand my resume and attempt new and exciting things," Dior said. "Maybe next year, I can be the voice of the XBIZ Awards!"   

This is actually Dior's second time around in the industry after taking a two-year break to be with a Las Vegas boyfriend, who she has since split up with, according to her representative, who underscored that the actress has a renewed energy.  "I shot my first porn scene when I was 19 and now I'm addicted to the camera," Dior recalled. "You can't keep me away from nasty sex and DPs. There's just no way.

"I'm really proud of the work I'm doing this year because some of the acting parts are a bit complex and the scripts are involved, so it's been a really gratifying year so far, plus I just opened my own website," she added.

Her earlier jobs, including one as a medical assistant, paved the way for her trek into the world of adult films. "I saw a lot of naked men, but I wasn't able to fuck them," she confessed. "What's the fun in that?" 

For now, Dior maintains "a busy schedule as a porn actress, dancer, webcam girl, voice-over talent" and whatever else comes her way. "I'm happy and I get fucked for a living," she said.

For more on Dior, visit her site ClubKatDior.com (where her Snapchat can be found) and follow her on Twitter and Instagram. For movie bookings, contact Dior directly at katdiorxxx@gmail.com.