Las Vegas Strip Club to Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency

Las Vegas Strip Club to Introduce Its Own Cryptocurrency

LAS VEGAS — A Las Vegas strip club is being re-imagined using blockchain technology.

Customers at the Legends Room, when it opens later this month, will be introduced to the club’s own cryptocurrency — called LGD — for entry, drinks, dances and, of course, tips.

And, yes, the digital tokens will be distributed through the club via a custom mobile app. Customers will be able to scan a QR code on a dancer’s thigh using their smartphones to get things started or to leave a tip.

“The idea for the club is basically Soho House meets high-end Vegas strip club,” Legends Room spokesperson Kiki Ellis told XBIZ. “The currency concept is just dance dollars gone digital.”

The club — formally the site of the previous strip clubs Anthony’s of Hollywood, StripTease and Eden's Gentlemen's Club — now is setting its target on a new generation of young and affluent tech workers, who may be visiting Las Vegas for conferences and would be drawn by the premise of such a club, Ellis said.

“We will have numerous promotions ranging from special pricing, special events, certain brands of alcohol that can only be bought with digital currency, certain entertainers that will only accept LGD tokens,” Ellis said. “Of course, all special events require digital currency.”

The club has partnered up with the exchange, which is the exclusive sales partner for the club. Tokens may be used inside the entire club and carry a 20 percent discount on all club services except gaming.

LGD is issued via Ethereum, a blockchain-based computing platform that allows for the creation of custom tokens.

“We expect to be the most popular club in Las Vegas, and we expect to have other Legends Rooms opening next year,” Ellis said. “We have had offers from Asia already."