Flirt4Free Offers 'Fiesta De Mayo' Promo

Flirt4Free Offers 'Fiesta De Mayo' Promo

WESTLAKE VILLAGE, Calif. — Flirt4Free has announced the return of its annual “Fiesta De Mayo” celebration, beginning at midnight, this Thursday, May 4, and running through Saturday, May 6.

During the Fiesta, which features costumes, raffles, contests, graphics, animations, and more, the site will be giving away nearly $10K in cash prizes to models, as well as special Fiesta discounts that will help customers party all weekend long. 

“The Fiesta De Mayo Celebration is a perfect time for models and customers to get together,” says Flirt4Free Director of Product Jamie Rodriguez. “We’re excited that our giveaways bring out so many people, and we look forward to seeing our best models and customers during this year’s Fiesta!”

During the three-day Fiesta, customers will be able to purchase digital Fiesta Shots for the performers, all of whom will be competing to get the most virtual shots in order to place in the Top 10 and win one of 40 cash prizes. The male and female models that earn the highest number of Fiesta Shots from their customers will win $1000 each, as well as a special badge that designates them as the King or Queen of Fiesta De Mayo.

The male and female models that receive Fiesta Shots from the highest number of unique customers will also win a separate $1000 grand prize. 2nd place winners of both contests will win $500 each, 3rd place winners will receive $250 each, and 4th and 5th place winners of both contests will earn $150 and $100 respectively. 6th-10th place winners of both Fiesta Shots contests will win $50 each.

Rodriguez says millions of users come online specifically to party with Flirt4Free during Fiesta De Mayo, and during the three-day event, thousands of the site’s most popular models will come online to receive special Fiesta Shots from their most loyal fans.

“Our models love getting these tokens of affection from their fans, especially ones that they frequently see in their rooms,” Rodriguez explains. “We love the Fiesta because it gives our models a way to party with their favorite guests, and it gives the customers a way to virtually buy a shot for their favorite models.”

For more information on Flirt4Free’s Fiesta De Mayo Celebration or the Fiesta Shots Contest, click here.

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