Nutaku Releases Survival-Themed Visual Novel 'Army Gals'

Nutaku Releases Survival-Themed Visual Novel 'Army Gals'

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the release of its survival-themed visual novel, “Army Gals.”

According to the company, the adults-only visual novel follows the story’s protagonist who, after an incident at home, is sent to a retreat for delinquents to be reformed.

“The anticipated two weeks of torture turns into an erotic experience of endless possibilities once he discovers that he will be sharing the retreat with three beautiful, unique girls,” a spokesperson explains. “A new wave of adventure unfolds when the four characters end up stranded in the middle of the wilderness leaving gamers to guide them back to the retreat and safety.”

“Gamers will navigate the foreign wilderness while uncovering some tantalizing secrets of the beautiful travel companions,” the spokesperson adds. “Between the erotic and vivid sexual experiences, users may help our protagonist win their hearts.”

Offering a dynamically varied storyline with NSFW animated sex scenes, multiple alternative routes that determine player success and challenges, along with secrets and game changers throughout the plot, “Army Gals” is compatible with Windows XP, OS X, and Ubuntu, and priced at $13.

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