Natalia Starr Named Newest Vixen Angel

Natalia Starr Named Newest Vixen Angel

LOS ANGELES — has announced Natalia Starr as its newest Vixen Angel. She received the coveted title live on Vixen’s Instagram, this past Saturday, April 8.

The Vixen Angel ceremony attracted nearly 100,000 viewers in only a few minutes, according to company reps, and was hosted by Vixen creator Greg Lansky. The studio lavished its highest honor on Starr with the brand's signature gold sofa in the background. 

After the event, Starr was rewarded with an exclusive high-end photo shoot with Lansky. The photos will be posted tomorrow on Vixen’s Instagram and Twitter.

“This is all just amazing!" Starr exclaimed. "It’s literally every adult star’s dream. I’m still in shock and this is definitely the biggest honor of my career. I'm so honored to represent a brand that everyone looks up to and that puts forth incredible movies and offers quality products for my fans."

Lansky, the chief creative officer, remarked, “I’m delighted to welcome Natalia into our Vixen Angel family of incredible women. Natalia is not only incredibly beautiful she’s also committed, genuine and an absolute pleasure to collaborate with. She really represents everything about being a Vixen Angel and she brings a great energy to”

As the newest Vixen Angel, Starr was rewarded with a pair of Vixen custom Christian Louboutin red-bottom shoes, a custom Tiffany brilliant-cut diamond necklace "symbolizing class, style and elegance that embodies the title of Vixen Angel," custom Vixen lingerie sets and an exclusive high-end photoshoot with Lansky.

Starr can be followed on Twitter and Instagram