MailPartner Debuts With Email-Monetizing Offers

MailPartner Debuts With Email-Monetizing Offers

BERLIN — The TrafficPartner Group today rolled out its new MailPartner enterprise that monetizes clients’ email lists for high-risk categories such as sweepstakes, adult, casual dating and entertainment, among others.

MailPartner converts the emails with top-converting mainstream offers with high payouts, according to Michael Reul, CEO of TrafficPartner Group.

Reul said the email marketing and monetization platform has developed solutions for sending, delivering and converting clients' email lists with “stunning results,” based on extensive work focused particularly on the European market.

“MailPartner provides you the most performing set up in terms of delivery, open and click ratios,” Reul said.

MailPartner aims to provide the best-performing set up in terms of delivery and open-and-click ratios. Reul said its advanced technical email infrastructure gets a company's emails where they belong — the inbox.

MailPartner takes a company's high-risk email lists, cleans those lists of duplicates, invalid addresses, blacklisted addresses and then pairs those remaining addresses with highly monetizing mainstream campaigns, he said.

MailPartner then manages and constantly sends out, delivers, segments, profiles and optimizes the company's campaigns.  

Reul said that companies only have to provide their email lists and MailPartner will do the rest — and the clients get a recurring revshare every month.  

More information about the new MailPartner platform can be found at