Janeth Rubio Teams With ModelCentro for Official Site

Janeth Rubio Teams With ModelCentro for Official Site

LOS ANGELES — Janeth Rubio has teamed with ModelCentro.com to launch her official website.

Rubio is becoming an instant online superstar due to the massive amount of media attention her recent sex tape has attracted from Spanish news channels after she participated in a porn video allegedly filmed without permission in a cemetery in Guadalajara, raising a stir on social networks and among the local media, and causing problems for her existing website, which was unable to handle the load.

The ModelCentro team stepped in with a new secure home for Rubio’s site, getting her domain live in under an hour and adding a large amount of new content to the site, which joins thousands of other performer paysites on the ModelCentro platform.

“This was a big challenge, and I’m really proud of the way our entire team responded,” said Stan D’Aman of ModelCentro.com. “As long as the content is legal and compliant with Visa regulations we are here to help any model who is being unfairly censored by an ISP, biller, hosting company or anyone else for that matter.”

“ModelCentro is all about providing performers with the freedom to be who they are and express themselves in any way that they and their fans enjoy,” D’Aman adds. “It’s not about what we want, or what someone else wants… it’s always about what the models and their fans want.”

“For ModelCentro the test was really about executing everything as efficiently as possible,” says Andrea Fioriniello of ModelCentro. “What offline people don’t understand is that a massive spike in traffic like this one needs to be monetized immediately, and for a model like Janeth Rubio, every second counts. A loss of even a few minutes can mean millions of unhappy fans, thousands of lost transactions and a huge financial ditch in her earnings.”

“Anyone who has ever launched a site knows that building something as nice as JanethRubio.com in under an hour is quite an accomplishment,” Fioriniello adds. “The fact that our team got it done after hours on a moment’s notice and with smiles all around really makes me excited to come to work every day.”

Fioriniello says it will be interesting to see how the rest of the Rubio story unfolds in the coming weeks.

“But perhaps the even bigger thing for people to notice is who is on the model’s side when things become difficult,” Fioriniello says, “and who is ready to step up to help save her revenue stream the way she wants it done without hesitation.”

“If you are a performer, can you really afford to be working with stiffs who won’t have your back in the heat of the moment?” D’Aman asks, concluding “Whether you want a brand new site, or a migration of your existing site from another platform… we just proved once and for all it can be done 100 percent in less than one hour and we know how to get your site traffic out of the internet graveyard.”

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