APAC to Discuss Performer Health and Wellness

APAC to Discuss Performer Health and Wellness

LOS ANGELES — APAC will hold a meeting this Sunday at 8 p.m. to discuss methods of self-care. 

The meeting will cover open dialogue, setting boundaries on-set, communicating needs openly and professionally, self-advocacy and ways to see overall wellness. Industry ally and professor Dr. Hernando Chaves will speak.

“In the blinding pace of the adult film industry, it can be far too simple for performers to forego self-comfort,” said a spokesperson. “When so much energy must be focused on sustaining a career and building a brand, it is remarkably easy to neglect to prioritize health.”

Performers interested in gaining tips on self-sufficiency are welcome to join fellow APAC members in a discussion on ways to support oneself and maintain a safe and healthy career in the adult film industry.

Performers who are not currently APAC members but are interested in attending the panel discussion should email apac.information@gmail.com. To sign up, visit APAC-USA.com/memberarea