Vendo Releases Tool to Track Paysite Revenue Growth Using AI

Vendo Releases Tool to Track Paysite Revenue Growth Using AI

BARCELONA — Vendo announced today that it has launched a new tool to track revenue growth for paysites using artificial intelligence-driven dynamic pricing.

Vendo's AI, called Aria, tweets and posts to Facebook how much more money it made for clients on a daily basis compared to fixed prices. Now, current and potential clients can monitor how the AI performs each day for the thousands of paysites in real time.

“We’ve invested years developing AI at Vendo. It’s exciting to start sharing the results daily,” said Thierry Arrondo, managing director of Vendo, which received honors at the 2017 XBIZ Awards as Billing Company of the Year.

“Follow us on Twitter @VendoServices and Facebook at VendoServices to watch the AI grow revenue for paysites."

The revenue increase at the time of launching the tracking tool is +8.53 percent over fixed prices, Arrondo said.  

AI pricing, alternatively, analyzes a large number of variables relating to products, shoppers and contexts. It uses what it learns to adjust prices — up and down — for each shopper to make the paysite more money, Arrondo said.  

More information on Vendo’s AI pricing can be found here.