CCBill to Showcase Key Integration Partners at Phoenix Forum

CCBill to Showcase Key Integration Partners at Phoenix Forum

TEMPE, Ariz. — CCBill today announced the addition of the CCBill Lab at The Phoenix Forum.  

The payment services platform is the presenting and host sponsor of the annual webmaster event taking place this week in Tempe, Ariz.

Introducing key CCBill Integration Partners, the CCBill Lab is a showcase series for the expanding CCBill platform, which connects merchants with leading technology and business services providers.  

The CCBill Lab will take place Thursday through Saturday in the Cavetto Room at Tempe Mission Palms Hotel, the host hotel for The Phoenix Forum.

Attendees of The Phoenix Forum are invited to stop by the CCBill Lab for demos and to meet some of the key software, content and business partners in this exclusive CCBill Integration Partners program presentation.

“We would like to thank our CCBill Integration Partners for joining us in the CCBill Lab at The Phoenix Forum,” said Chris Pike, CCBill’s channel manager. “The program and these live sessions would not be possible without the commitment and support of our valued CCBill partners. Their contribution is invaluable and their partnership has been monumental in supporting the growth of this program and the expanding business needs of our CCBill merchants.”

Below is CCBill Lab showcase scheduled Thursday through Saturday:


3 p.m.: TrafficHaus — presented by Mark Bauman. TrafficHaus is utilized for real-time bidding, real-time reporting, inventory management, advertising delivery, enhanced user targeting and big-data reporting. “We offer a robust array of targeting options such as; Geo targeting, Device targeting, Platform targeting, Carrier targeting, Language targeting, and Keyword targeting. Our latest edition being our Private Label Ad Server, TrafficHausCloud,” the company said.


10 a.m.:  Pinnacle Cart — presented by Kyle Weiskopf. “Selling online? Build your webstore on the all-in-one platform, obsessively engineered to increase traffic, conversions and grow sales,” the company said.

11 a.m.: PayGarden — presented by Jason McNally. PayGarden is an alternative payment platform that bolsters your revenue stream by enabling your users to make online payments with gift cards. “By tapping into the $ 130 billion gift card industry, PayGarden helps you cultivate ‘found money’ that is stored in gift cards among new and existing users,” the company said. 

1 p.m.: NATS — presented by John Mauser. Too Much Media, makers of the NATS software, develops affiliate management and marketing solutions that power the top brands and affiliates since 2004.

2 p.m.: HoloFilm Productions —  presented by Brian Shuster. “We specialize in creating the perfect VR Experience. With a production facility, in Vancouver, British Columbia, HoloFilm Productions is an all-in-one solution for virtual reality production with the ability to produce a wide range of content that all feature NoSick™ Technology,” the company said.

3 p.m.: 7 Veils — presented by Lauren MacEwen. 7 Veils is a social media marketing company in the adult industry working with B2B for sales, customer retention and branding as well as content sites for increased social CTR. “With over half-a-million tweets written and over 1 billion tweet impressions, 7 Veils is your resource for social marketing,” the company said.


11 a.m.: YNOT Mail — presented by Richard Buss. YNOT Mail is a powerful combination of the Internet's best email marketing software plus, performance-enhancing technologies that will increase deliverability.

2 p.m.: Adult SiteRunner — presented by Teddy. Adult SiteRunner is the only 100 percent Amazon (AWS) cloud based CMS platform integrated with CCBill allowing companies to monetize content with secure streaming, cloud stash or paid downloads in one application.

3 p.m.: 2000Charge — presented by Brian Tefft. 2000Charge provides a global payment infrastructure to assist in maximizing conversions of international traffic and revenue streams with a broad portfolio of local payment methods. “We focus on high-growth, payment-related services and specialize in solutions for credit card alternatives,” the company said.

4 p.m.: Quantox — presented by Vladimir Jelic. Quantox Technology is a team of technologists, designers, programmers, marketers and online strategists with more than a decade of experience producing high volume websites for important brands. “Our team has grown to include more than 150 highly qualified experts in their fields and their combined talents allow us to confidently create virtually any kind of digital product for desktop, mobile and VR devices,” the company said.

In addition to the CCBill Lab, CCBill will once again set-up shop at The Phoenix Forum in the CCBill Open House, located in the Colonnade room. 

In the CCBill Open House, merchants can sit down with the CCBill Merchant Support team, to discuss questions about their account or get more information about the growing menu of CCBill Payments-as-a-Service platform options for their business.

The Merchant Support team can also show CCBill merchants how to upgrade to the FlexForms dynamic payment flow system, featuring CCBill Pay, a “log-in and pay” stored payment service that gives buyers the ability to quickly make multi-purchases from any device.

Additional information will be available on the latest Merchant Connect and Integration Partner program options to further support their business growth.

“As the host of The Phoenix Forum since 2001, our focus over the years has been to present a conference concentrated on networking and connection for our industry, while taking advantage of the inherent energy of our sunny setting,” said Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales at CCBill.

“The creation of the CCBill Lab lives up to that goal. We are intrigued by the interest from new, non-traditional tech and software partners, who continue to advance our online segment — and the opening of doors they provide to our platform, for CCBill merchants and business connections alike.”

The CCBill Open House will be open in the Colonnade Room on Thursday from noon to 6 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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