Bel Ami Nabs 21 Grabby Nominations

PRAGUE — BelAmi and its exclusive performers have received a combined 21 nominations for the 2017 Grabby Awards.

“BelAmi has been noticeably absent from the Grabbys nominations in recent years due to the studio's turn to condom free content,” said a BelAmi spokesperson. “This year the Grabbys have decided to celebrate the work of studios that produce condom free movies and scenes. Because of the change in policy, BelAmi, their exclusives, and movies have been nominated for a total of 21 awards at the show taking place in Chicago.”

Bel Ami’s “Last Summer in Greece” has been nominated for six awards including “Best Movie,” “Best Actor” (Hoyt Kogan), “Best Screenplay,” “Best Director” (Marty Stevens), “Best Videography” and “Best Group Scene.” Additionally, BelAmiOnline is nominated as “Best Video Company Site,” an award it has taken home on more than one occasion at past Grabbys.

"We would like to extend our appreciation to the Grabbys for acknowledging condom free material this year as it is no longer a niche category,” BelAmi’s publicist said. “BelAmi continues to uphold the strictest safety measures in place to ensure the safety of our 80 exclusive performers. We are pleased that the work and resources we put into making big budget movies in exotic locations is being recognized this year at the 2017 Grabbys in Chicago.”

The nominations are as follows:

Best Movie or Web Series:

Last Summer In Greece, BelAmi

Best Video Company Site:

Fan Favorite Movie:

All For One, Kinky Angels
Offensively Large, BelAmi.

Best Actor:

Hoyt Kogan — Last Summer in Greece.

Best ScreenPlay:

Last Summer in Greece, BelAmi

Best Vers Performer:

Helmut Huxley, Hoyt Kogan

Hottest Top:

Hoyt Kogan

Hottest Bottom: 

Helmut Huxley 

Hottest Cock:

Helmut Huxley

Best Videography:

Luke Hamill, Johan Paulik and Mel Roberts, Last Summer in Greece. 

Best Group Scene: 

Jerome, Marcel, Adam, Robin, Brian, Roald and Marc for Last Summer in Greece.

Best Duo Scene:

Joel Birkin and Jack Harrer in Offensively Large.

Best All-Sex Movie:

3 Ways 3, BelAmi

Performer of the Year:

Helmut Huxley 

Hottest Rimming Scene:

Helmut Huxley and Kevin Warhol, All for One, Kinky Angels
Joel Birkin, Jack Harrer and Claude Sorel — Offensively Large — BelAmi

Best Director:

Marty Stevens Last Summer in Greece

Best Supporting Actor:

Jack Harrer, Offensively Large, BelAmi 

Best 3 Way Scene:

Peter Annaud, Dylan Maguire and Jack Harrer — 3 Ways 3
Jerome Exupery, Helmut Huxley and Hoyt Kogan — KinkyAngels