BitterStrawberry's Marketplace Goes Live

BitterStrawberry's Marketplace Goes Live

SWITZERLAND — BitterStrawberry today launched its new Marketplace that was developed to allow clients access to tools to customize strategies and maximize their payouts.

“You can now govern freely over the kingdom of your traffic and choose from over 9,000 direct and exclusive offers in partnership with major carriers and big advertisers, and so many more right at your fingertips,” BitterStrawberry said. “All our Marketplace offers are direct offers; we don’t promote any re-brokered offers.

BitterStrawberry said that on top of the thousands of mobile traffic offers available, each day it's adding more than 200 new ones.

“In case of wrong targeting, you won’t lose any of the users,” BitterStrawberry said. “All traffic outside the offer targeting is sent through our SmartLink to a mix of high-conversion-rate offers for each specific target, maximizing your revenue.”

With its system, BitterStrawberry evaluates more than 10,000 ad opportunities every second.

And those with a VIP affiliate or publisher account can have access to its VIP Offer Database.

As for payouts, BitterStrawberry offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly payments in Bitcoin, or via wire, WebMoney, Payoneer and PayPal.  

“We bring you our very own state of the art creation,” the company said. “We use machine learning, which facilitates our platform’s ability to learn. Basically, our platform teaches itself to evolve when it’s exposed to new and ever-changing data. This way, you’re sure that what you see is the real time value of an offer.”