SGMpro Placing Focus on Mainstream Market

SGMpro Placing Focus on Mainstream Market

BREMEN, Germany — SGM Media, a division of the TrafficPartner Group and a big player in the adult biz for years as operator of SexGoesMobile, has made a name for itself as one of the most innovative companies.

Now, SGM Media CEO Andy Wullmer has positioned the mobile-focused performance network SGMpro for the mainstream market. Wullmer in January was named Community Figure of the Year at the 2017 XBIZ Exec Awards.

Although the focus is on mainstream offers, SGMpro — with its technical know-how, experience in mobile sectors and plethora of global contacts — also is providing premium adult offers.

“With SGMpro, a completely new level of technology, statistics and precision has been created,” the company said. “The performance network’s foundation is high-level routing, a novel IP detection for traffic filtering and a high-performance, modern front-end for statistics.

“These three components guarantee the best traffic conversion for all partners.”

The core of SGMpro is a highly complex interplay of multilayered filtering — IP, cookies and fingerprints, among others — and real-time, adaptive algorithms, the company said.

“This system allows the best targeting possible, which is supported by above-coverage eCPMs for the benefit of the ever-growing number of publishers,” the company said. “In order to have all relevant KPIs at a glance and to use the extensive analysis possibilities to increase the sales without effort, the simple and clear SGMpro Clickalizer has been created.

“Without the corresponding converting offers provided by advertisers, the outstanding publisher achievements are only worth half as much.”

At this point, partnerships and business relations — old and new — come into play.

“Advertisers benefit from SGMpro's rich and high-quality traffic volume, sophisticated fraud detection as well as from a team that deals with all aspects of long-term collaboration,” the company said.

“Thanks to the excellent reputation of SGM Media among publishers, advertisers and other partners in this product group, a unique symbiosis has emerged."