NakedSword Debuts 'The Ten Spot' Series

NakedSword Debuts 'The Ten Spot' Series

SAN FRANCISCO — NakedSword Originals today released its third new series of the year, “The Ten Spot,” which follows the kinky action of those patronizing the legendary sex pad of the same name located in San Francisco’s Castro District.

Calvin Banks, Micky Jr., Brandon Wilde, Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox, Jonah Fontana, Ian Greene, Scott Riley and Luke Diamond star in the production by NakedSword, which in January was named the 2017 XBIZ Awards Gay Studio of the Year. 

“Sexy Falcon Exclusive Woody Fox lives in the apartment next door to 'The Ten Spot' and runs the operation, where everyone is welcome as long as they leave $10 on the bed on the way out,” a publicist said, describing “The Ten Spot.” “Some people wonder why it’s so cheap but there’s something they don’t know: Woody has a secret fetish that makes it all worthwhile for him.”

“ ‘The Ten Spot’ is such a fun series because it celebrates the liberal and open sex-positive culture of the Castro, which I'm proud to be a part of,” NakedSword director mr. Pam said of the new series. "The debut scene really starts things off with a bang, Calvin and Micky give an incredible performance while looking just perfect together. This scene is one of my favorites so far this year"

The NakedSword Originals series will roll out every Wednesday for the rest of the month. Scene 2, which streams March 15, includes Brandon Wilde and Woody Fox; Scene 3, streaming March 22, stars Jonah Fontana and Ian Greene; and Scene 4, on March 29, features Woody Fox with Scott Riley and Luke Diamond.