Vivid Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

Vivid Celebrates 10th Anniversary of Kim Kardashian Sex Tape

LOS ANGELES — Vivid Entertainment is marking the 10th anniversary of the debut of “Kim Kardashian, SuperStar” by declaring March as “Kim K Sex Tape Month” and offering discounted memberships.

"I don't think anyone could have foreseen what a spectacular success this tape has become," said Steven Hirsch, founder and co-chairman of Vivid. “It's our best selling tape of all time and its sales continue to jump each time Kim gets back in the headlines, which is mostly all the time. There’s no doubt that ‘Kim Kardashian, SuperStar’ played a significant role in turning a little known personality into a household name." 

For the duration of “Kim K Sex Tape Month,” fans that purchase a one-month membership to will get the second month free.

“While Vivid has distributed lots of other celebrity sex tapes, this is the one that will remain part of pop culture history,” Hirsch added. “So far we've had more than 150 million views on scenes from the movie, and that number continues to grow as the VividTV network grows internationally.” 

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