Flava Works Sues MyVidster.com Again for Infringement

Flava Works Sues MyVidster.com Again for Infringement

CHICAGO — Flava Works has filed another lawsuit against MyVidster.com.

The new case waged by Flava Works, a Chicago-based studio that focuses on black and Latino gay talent, alleges additional copyright and trademark violations and breach of a settlement agreement made in 2015 that involved similar allegations.

The new MyVidster.com lawsuit also names SalsaIndy LLC and its sole owner and creator, Marques Rondale Gunter, as defendants.

Gunter created a social networking website where site members can bookmark and store files of copyrighted materials and videos directly to MyVidster and post links to third-party websites, Flava Works CEO Phillip Bleicher said in a release today.

“Over the past few years MyVidster has multiplied and is well known as the place where you can get free copyrighted porn from,” Bleicher said. “With this new lawsuit – our goal is to make sure that stops forever and people pay for their porn”

Bleicher noted that Flava Works also is planning to file numerous other lawsuits against individuals who have been uploading and sharing Flava Works’ videos, including active users of pirate websites such as GayTorrent.ru, Gay-Torrents.org and www.Gay-Torrents.net.
Flava Works is seeking statutory and punitive damages from defendants along with an injunction and the transfer ownership of MyVidster.com to Flava Works.