On the Set: ArchAngel Immortalizes Kendra Lust's 1st DP in 'Booty Queen 3'

On the Set: ArchAngel Immortalizes Kendra Lust's 1st DP in 'Booty Queen 3'

LOS ANGELES — As rainfall drenched the landscape in a deluge of biblical proportions on Friday, Feb. 17, a far greater tempest was brewing on the set of ArchAngel’s “The Booty Queen 3,” where Kendra Lust would perform her first-ever double penetration — courtesy of Mick Blue and Markus Dupree.

This incredible gathering of XBIZ Award-winning talent was mythical to say the least, and the stakes could scarcely be higher, for the DP itself was symbolic of the newly forged union between Lust and ArchAngel. 

The twice-crowned XBIZ MILF Performer of the Year recently signed a year-long exclusivity contract with the 2016 XBIZ Best New Studio, whose sophomore installment of “The Booty Queen” (showcasing AJ Applegate) was named 2017 XBIZ Performer Showcase of the Year. Such a marriage made in angel-winged heaven is destined to doubly penetrate the adult industry market like never before, wielding twin blades with piston-like fury, certain to plug every hole with profits and nom-worthy perfection.

Riding high on the momentous announcement that Lust would be the third “Booty Queen” in a royal lineage that first began with Jada Stevens, the pressure was on to deliver a more glorious flagship title than ever before. And so it was that ArchAngel director extraordinaire MimeFreak set the stage for excellence in a luxurious manse, its walls and hard-angled edges forged from mighty steel and artistic engineering.

Even the furniture and flooring seemed hewn from the impassioned dreamscape of a medieval blacksmith, the titanic strength in its well-executed design scoffing at the thunderous weather outside, dismissing the threat of floods and lightning bolts with haughty disdain. The cavernous corridors and labyrinthine halls were dimly lit, rendering all who passed through them as ghostly silhouettes.

Only the throne room was bathed in blazing brilliance.

White as snowcapped peaks, the flowing curtains and glossy sofa contrasted starkly against the imposing seat of regal power, whose dark woodwork was rife with jutting sculptures and richly scarlet upholstery. Bending at impossible angles on that majestic throne was Lust herself, playfully sticking her adorable red tongue out and bouncing her ample ass for the flashing lens of MimeFreak. Clad in tantalizing black lingerie that lovingly traced every goddess-like inch of her fantastic figure, Lust writhed and spread-eagled in a mesmerizing dance.

XBIZ was privileged to witness many such marvels on that historic Friday afternoon, intimately interviewing the players on-set, lest any aspect of ArchAngel’s grandeur be dealt short shrift by the forgettable scrawlings of dusty archivists. The dawn of a new era was at hand, gliding past yesterday’s news with billowing sails and corsair cunning. And the deep dive truly commenced after MimeFreak stepped away from capturing enrapturing stills, to reveal his devious plans with a schemer’s aplomb.

Kendra Lust is going to do her first DP for ‘The Booty Queen 3,’” he vowed with the gravitas of a sacred oath. “I think it’s perfect timing with her being exclusive for ArchAngel for a full year. She’s definitely going to be doing some big firsts for us. And for her to save her first DP for ‘The Booty Queen,’ and have me as a director, is simply phenomenal. I feel honored, especially because we shot her first IR when she was still ‘wet behind the ears.’”

As to how he would surpass the previous XBIZ Award-winning installment, MimeFreak laid out his vision, eyes agleam with vividly imagined vistas. “I like to co-direct, so to speak, and Kendra creates good storylines with her Lust Army Productions brand,” he unveiled. “So, we have a little more storyline for this one. We have the DP, which is straight gonzo, straight to the point. Then, we have her boy/girl/girl with Riley Reid. We pulled out some heavy hitters for this one.

“We had to mix it up, because Kendra has a diverse personality when it comes to shooting scenes,” MimeFreak underscored. “With that being said, I like to direct according to the personality. So, if I know that Lust Army has a little bit of a vignette/acting style, I want to implement that as well with this one.” His overarching ambitions for the year extend well beyond “The Booty Queen 3,” he assured. “When Kendra started producing movies for us through Lust Army, she pushed the envelope and added storylines,” MimeFreak said. “So, it motivated me to do that as well.”

Then, he dropped an XBIZ-exclusive glimpse of the future, confiding, “I’ll say this for the record, and I’m giving this to you as an exclusive… we’re going to have a ‘Freaky Crew vs. Lust Army’ movie, where me and Kendra actually co-direct together. That’s something that I talked to the owner Gabe about and he said, ‘I think that’s a good idea.’ The only one-up she has on me for that little bit of friendly competition is she can actually fuck in it, and I can’t. And, we’re also going to be collaborating on a full-fledged romance movie, with the Freaky Crew and Lust Army teaming up like never before.”

As the revelations poured forth, their juiciness rivaling the sheets of water splashing against the nearby street, headlights cut through the shadows, heralding the arrival of Blue and Dupree in the driveway. The prolific performers practically waltzed through the massive doorway, enticed by the prospect of double-teaming Lust for such a high-profile first.

Casting an appreciative glance at Blue, MimeFreak reflected, “The reason why this is a surreal moment for me, besides it being Kendra Lust’s first DP, is because Mick Blue was the first person to hire me as a full-time cameraman. I knew the basics and everything, but he was the one to fine-tune me, and for him to have as much success as he’s been having, I feel it was way overdue. I owe a lot to Mick and if it wasn’t for him, I don’t know where my career would be right now.”

The legendary Blue, his arctic eyes piercing as ever and his hair pulled back in a samurai topknot, smiled broadly, flashing those flawless pearly whites. “Today is a special day, because it’s Kendra’s first DP,” he said. “Quite some time ago, I had the opportunity to do her first anal and that was fantastic, so I’m very excited to be here today. And, in combination with Markus Dupree, we work very well, having done a handful of DPs together. I think it’s going to be a really interesting, fulfilling scene. ArchAngel has a great style, because you come on set and you have fun, but there’s no messing around during the shoot itself. We’re going to have awesome anal and vaginal DP sex with Kendra, for I don’t know, 30 minutes or 40 minutes.”

Dupree bounded over enthusiastically, sharing, “We shoot a DP scene today with Mick Blue, Kendra and me. I’m very happy, so much, of course. She likes passion, she likes when the guy controls her and she enjoys the sex. She doesn’t do this just for money.”

As the gallant gents prepared for their raunchy ritual, Lust was masturbating gleefully on a nearby couch, warming up with a buttplug. Sweat-beaded and flushed from the exertions, she sidled over for a miniature interview before the big moment. Remarking on the exclusive contract with ArchAngel, she said, “I was really excited — I hate to use the word excited, but I really was — to talk with Gabe. We kind of came together and decided that this year we were going to focus a little bit more on my production company and ArchAngel. For me to do that, I would have to take time off from filming with other companies and stuff like that. So, we just thought it was a great idea to go exclusive. Part of me felt kind of bad, because I felt like I wasn’t giving the fans everything that they wanted… with them not being able to see me work for another company or whatever.

“It limits my genre, but I just think it’s a good idea that will allow me to focus on my own productions and my Society 15 talent agency, while kind of getting in tune with myself and collaborating with ArchAngel to make some really cool things,” she continued. “This year, I’ve decided to only do six movies, just because I’m still learning all about production and directing. So, I’m releasing six… maybe eight. We’ll see how it goes. I just don’t want to rush it. And I’d rather have quality vs. quantity, while I’m getting my feet wet. Plus, I really like the autonomy that ArchAngel gives me: basically, they say ‘do what you want, as long as you let us know, and you can release when you want.’ It’s really great. It just kind of allows me to do my own thing, which is good. But, they’re always there for advice. Like ‘hey, what do you think about this?’ or, you know, bouncing ideas off of MimeFreak and Gabe.”

Balancing traditional gonzo with more in-depth storylines is an art she plans to explore further with ArchAngel. “I really do like shooting gonzo, but it seems like now, a lot of people are going along with a little bit of a storyline, a little bit more passion,” she observed. “So, while I do like the filthy raw side of it, there’s also fans — male and female — who say, ‘I wish there was more kissing involved or a little bit more connection, as opposed to just that raunchy filth.’ I want to give a little bit of both. Incorporate that wild, sexy raw stuff, but then, some of the movies… I want them to be a little bit more passionate. That’s still sexy.”

Despite the limits imposed by an exclusivity agreement, Lust has seen a very positive response from her rabid fandom, whose devotion to their matriarch fuels one of the strongest social media presences in the biz. “Most of them are excited, but I think some might be disappointed,” she confessed. “But, unfortunately, you can’t always please everyone! So, I have to stop worrying about always making everyone else happy and really focus on my brand and doing something that I’m really proud of. I think the fans will really appreciate it when they see what I’m doing.”

On her ascension to the rank of bona fide “Booty Queen,” Lust enthused, “It was really cool to be considered a ‘Booty Queen.’ I’m a little nervous… I’ve never had two dicks in me at the same time — well, one in my mouth and the other in my pussy, but not one in my ass and vagina. But, I’ve heard great things about it! I’m looking forward to it! You know… I’ve heard it’s really pleasurable and that it feels so much better than anal alone. It’s going to be really fun, and I know I’m in good hands. The only thing I’m worried about is not being able to move back and forth much, you know, because they have to be in rhythm. I literally feel like I can’t really do much. I guess they’ll move me how they want me. And that’s all that matters. I’m a pleaser by nature, so I like to make people happy.”

Highest on her list of people she likes to please, are her fans. “There’s been fans that have supported me since day one,” she said. “I am really grateful for that, and I don’t forget that. I think it’s honestly just because I’m somewhat real and openly appreciative of their support throughout. Because, if we didn’t have them coming to industry events, buying our porn, buying our toys and supporting our industry… I wouldn’t be able to do what I do. So, I work hard to keep them engaged, whether it’s just me sending a random birthday shout out or being approachable out in public. I’m not a jerk — no matter what I’m doing, I stop and take a picture, even if I’m not wearing makeup. They might never get a chance to see me again, you know?

“Just be humble,” she advised. “I always tell people, couples especially, ‘I’m not different than your girlfriend or wife. I just do it on film. You have your own porn star in your bedroom. You’ve just got to work at it!’ I mean, I’m learning too. I’m not the sex guru. I’m going to learn what it feels like to have two dicks in me at once today! So, always just be yourself. You’re no more special than the next girl that comes along. You just have the courage to put your sexuality out there.”

Her most ardent followers are on Instagram, despite its censorship of nudity. “I have about a million and a half followers, and they’re all real!” Lust exclaimed. “And, I emphasize that — I don’t want to put anyone down — but it means I’ve earned them, I didn’t have to buy them. I’m fucking proud of that. Focus on you, though. I always say you’re your biggest competition. Worry about you, and don’t take time worrying about everyone else. My Snapchat is more private, though, because I like to post certain things… like, if I’m out with friends from back home or if I’m cooking in my kitchen, things that people don’t usually get to see, I put on my paid Snapchat. I know there are those who say ‘some people do it for free!’ But, so much of what we do is free. This is my brand and this is my livelihood. I have to kind of materialize and make money somehow!”

In pursuit of those riches, she hopped up and sauntered over to MimeFreak, whose clarion voice declared that the time to shoot was nigh. The seasoned ArchAngel mastermind deftly filmed a short tease, firing off questions to Lust with as much wry charm as improvised delight. Their natural banter was alive with mirthful sincerity, offering a microcosmic view of a well-oiled partnership long established by previous titles. Licking her lips and rolling back her eyes, she oozed passion at the mere thought of being filled by Blue and Dupree.

With a flurry of hand signals, MimeFreak conjured the male talent from the sidelines. They strode towards Lust confidently, as she slinked from the throne to a plush white sofa. Dropping their jeans without any preamble, the veterans entangled themselves, exchanging oral pleasantries. The fingering, rubbing, licking and moaning intensified.

MimeFreak pivoted away from offering verbal commands to focus on capturing the action from the very best angles. His only directions were imparted silently via subtle gestures and head tilts, commanding his crew to adjust the luminosity from tall lighting system fixtures to a smaller camera-attached source, or coaxing position changes from the adult stars. A watchful wraith, MimeFreak gave the talent plenty of space to fully enjoy their sensual ménage à trois, lest he interrupt the authenticity with excess puppet strings.

After a feverish bout of fucking, punctuated by howling jackal cries blossoming from Lust’s blushing throat, the Holy Grail moment crested the horizon. Slowing the tempo like a symphonic maestro, MimeFreak orchestrated a marvelous DP, as Lust rode Blue via her vadge and welcomed Dupree anally inside her. They traded her back and forth roughly, gripping her hair like the mane of a sultry mare and ravishing each hole with impish pleasure. She screamed in ecstasy each time, and for 40 minutes, the sex continued with nary an interruption, seamlessly flowing for what paradoxically felt like a timeless eternity of bliss.

By the end, everyone was slicker than the rain-smitten backyard, requiring numerous towels to dry off. And, lest the afterglow of sexual epiphany wear off, MimeFreak hastened to pepper Lust with several post-DP questions, as she reclined magisterially. Breathlessly, she said it felt wonderful, though the sensations were at first an undreamt-of mystery akin to losing one's virginity, if her bewitching bewilderment was any indication. Lust concluded that this would be merely the first of many DPs to come, winking at the camera with coquettish whimsy.

From pre-shoot preparations to out-the-door departures, the entire shoot ran about four hours, with a marksman-like efficiency that bodes well for future ArchAngel and Lust Army Productions teamwork. As Blue had foretold, MimeFreak was methodical in his approach, motivating everyone with plenty of humor but maintaining a mercenary schedule primed to deliver quality and efficiency. If the final product is anywhere near as raw and beautiful as the on-set scene that unfolded on Feb. 17 was, then “The Booty Queen 3” will surely be a knockout contender for the 2018 XBIZ Awards.